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  1. which development version, do I have to download to get Part #11477 (plate w. bow 1x2x2/3) and #3680 (Turntable 2 x 2 Plate with Light Gray Top) ?
  2. anything I should do?
  3. Can someone explain to me how to add new bricks to LDD, I have tried the "guild" on the main page for new bricks and it almost broke my game, 3 reinstall of the program and the deleting of every fill I touch save it. The part I need some help is where and how to place the fills with new parts at
  4. Aradomnguy

    How to delete a comment?

    I have a question as a newbie is there an info "forums" about a more in-depth tutorial for adding new blocks to LDD? as the one in the main custom brick broke my game, and it takes 1 hour or so to get back on again
  5. Aradomnguy

    How to delete a comment?

  6. I posting a comment for help in the Custom LDD bricks and fixes forum/chat, which went unanswered, and now I am going spam on my mail with updates about every single new comment, so is it possible to delete that comment so I would no longer be spam?
  7. Sorry to ask, but where should I go for some help in adding new blocks to LDD? I (try the guide thing on page 1 and the only thing It did was crashing my games)