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    [mod] How we motorize small locomotives

    I saw your vid and was convinced enough to try it myself. Here's my application of the kit into a Porter 0-4-0 I'm working on. Drive train. Hub in the cab, switch accessible. Accessible charge port. More hub. Looking forward to running this locomotive as a switcher and industrial loco. A post will be made when it is completed.
  2. Alrighty, this website is much easier to use on desktop. Cant see any of the rank tags when viewing on mobile. Now if we can get Flickr URLs to work.. SOLVED!
  3. Tolletyle

    [moc] URR/DM&IR 0-10-2 "Union"

    I'm brand new and just learning the forum, wasn't aware of the ban notification. I saw a project relevant to my interests and wanted more info. I appreciate the warm welcome...
  4. Tolletyle

    [moc] URR/DM&IR 0-10-2 "Union"

    Wonderful digital build. I'm currently building a DMIR Yellowstone irl using Phoenix Train Work's Big Boy as a base to modify and drawing inspiration from Sava's Yellowstone. I'm looking to build a DMIR collection of each preserved locomotive type, including the 0-10-2. Any chance of making a deal and gaining access to the instructions? Why reinvent the wheel when we can borrow and modify it.