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  1. Wow, missed this -- absolutely great model!
  2. Legosim

    [MOC] Lego AbramsX Main Battle Tank

    Looks really excellent, glad to see you building again!
  3. Oh wow, this is really excellent! So much cool stuff going on.
  4. Legosim

    [MOC] Supermarine Spitfire LF Mk. XVI

    Easily one of the best Spitfire models in Lego...your models are always amazing!
  5. Legosim

    [MOC] SAAB JA-37 Viggen

    Your models are always so excellent! Packed with so many details, really enjoy looking at them.
  6. Legosim

    Boeing B-17G

    Looks very cool! The stand and presentation is great too.
  7. thanks! Thank you Jordan! I've enjoyed seeing your stuff over the past few years as well. It is a shame that lego military Flickr is so much less active than it used to be.
  8. Legosim

    [MOC] Sierra Railway No. 3 Locomotive

    This is really, really awesome. I can't believe this is your first time building a train, as well! Looks like you've already got in on lock.
  9. Thank you! Unfortunately I doubt it, since Lego doesn't make real-life military kits. Responded.
  10. Unfortunately, the Forum won't let me send a DM for some reason, but if you hit me up on Flickr or Instagram, and I can send you a link.
  11. Hi! Thanks for the kind words. I don't currently have instructions for these, but if you're interested in the files, I would be happy to share them. Thanks! I did actually when I was browsing the forum, seems cool. Same, honestly...even though the model is a few years old now and doesn't use many newer parts. The bright squadron markings really make it pop, I think.
  12. Both of these trucks are absolutely outstanding!
  13. Hey Eurobricks! Wanted to post a recently finished a pair of minifig-scale (about 1:40) F-4 Phantom IIs. The first is an F-4C of the USAF's 8th Tactical Fighter Wing, and an F-4J from Carrier Air Wing 9. The models have quite a few working features: Two aircrew minifigs in the cockpits retractable landing gear the main rotors fold up, like the real aircraft various control surfaces move up and down the F-4J's wings fold up for stowage on an aircraft carrier (in this case, USS Constellation) Some Background: F-4C / US Air Force: This F-4C represents aircraft 64-0829 in service with the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing at Ubon Royal Thai Air Force Base, and flown by Colonel Robin Olds during Operation BOLO on 2 January 1967. This mission was a response to the heavy losses sustained to USAF bombers during the ROLLING THUNDER air campaign of 1966. In response, USAF F-4Cs deceived the North Vietnamese Air Force into believing they were actually lumbering F-105 bombers by flying the same routes and carrying the same jamming pods. The Phantoms successfully surprised the adversary, and shot down seven MiG-21 FISHBED fighters in twelve minutes. Col Olds' plan was a complete success, and during the fight he and his backseater, 1st Lt Charles Clifton, shot down a single MiG-21 with an AIM-9 Sidewinder. The losses sustained by the Vietnamese MiGs caused both their pilots and their Soviet backers to re-evaluate tactics and deployment of the MiG-21s for the remainder of the war. Operation BOLO was one of the most successfully planned and executed operations of the Vietnam War, and remains one of the most celebrated engagements in USAF history. F-4J / US Navy: The F-4J Phantom II was an improved version of the earlier F-4B designed specifically for the US Navy and Marine Corps. First rolling out of McDonnell Douglas' factory in 1966, the F-4J provided significant improvement in air-air combat ability via the addition of the AN/APG-59 pulse doppler radar, which provided one of the first 'look-down shoot-down' capabilities on a 3rd generation fighter. By the time they were retired in from American service, over 520 of this variant had been built. This Phantom is Showtime 100, flown by Lt 'Duke' Cunningham and Lt JG William Driscoll. During VF-96's tour aboard the USS Constellation from October 1971 to July 1972, these men became the US Navy's only aces of the Vietnam War. I originally designed the USAF version as a digital model in 2016, but the parts didn't exist in the right colors yet. Later on, I updated the design slightly and changed the colors to the Navy's VF-96 scheme and built the F-4J for the Vietnam War collab at BrickFair Virginia 2018. After the collab, Peter Dornbi took my original digital design and built it in USAF jungle camouflage in 2018, which showed it could be done with real bricks. I took his modifications, added some new parts, and built my own USAF version in 2022, so I've finally got the pair together. Both versions together: F-4C variant in USAF southeast Asia camouflage F-4J variant in the US Navy's VF-96 livery Thanks for looking!
  14. Hi Vilebricker, thanks for the kind words! The real life CH-53K only fits 30 passengers in the back usually, but the Lego model fits more minifigs than that if you cram them in close. :) Unfortunately, there are no instructions available, the model is just too big for that.