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  1. _R_R_

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Yes, I actually got an LDD model from Captain Jack Sparrow on here years ago and I have closely studied the model on Bricklink and one other on Mecabricks, I've come to the conclusion I'd likely have to sacrifice the whole interior to create support structures if I want the outside to look like what we see in the game, I could also compromise and alter the design so I can have at least one deck and the captain's cabin, the real tricky part is the rear of the ship and the windows. I shall! I hate to be a downer but I wouldn't expect anything this year.
  2. _R_R_

    Future Pirates Speculation

    I ended up getting a PotC set and some minifigures I missed out on back then, the Pearl project looks like it'll be extremely challenging, the video game model's structure isn't very strong, so I may end up having to completely change that.
  3. _R_R_

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Well I think most of the sets I want would work well with either the PotC license or the Pirates theme. For sets that could work with both properties: Tortuga pub/ Pirate pub - Could be a fun set with an interior design and some harlots, drunken sailors, maybe some play features with barrels of rum. HMS Endeavour/ Blue coat flagship - An enormous ship similar to the Imperial flagship, with several canons, many blue coat soldiers and detailed decks. Kraken Attacks - A set featuring a proper brick built Kraken with a mouth with rows of teeth and maybe a dingy with a pirate or two for it to attack. Treasure Island - Could have lots of green and sand builds with tropical trees, a water fountain with some sort of gimmick, a treasure, a crew looking for said treasure, typical pirate stuff. Port Royal/ Imperial docks - A big set with a few docks for you to store your ships with some added details such as crates, some towers with some officers and it could come with a sinking dingy with a pirate on it, and some play feature involving an escape with cranes. Pirate prison - A fort with a bunch of cells and prisoners inside, guards and a dog that carries around the cell keys. For PotC only: Flying Dutchman - Based on the second or third movie with new Davy Jones and some of his crew along with a new Will, I still don't understand why Lego missed out on making this one when the fifth movie came out, they could've even made cursed Will and some of the crew to go with him. New Black Pearl - The Black Pearl from 2011 simply doesn't cut it, it's too small and looks nothing like the iconic ship from the movies, could be based on the first movie and come with cursed skeleton crew or the other movies and come with more of Jack's crew such as Pintel and Ragetti and a new parrot and monkey, again Lego completely missed another opportunity at making this and tbh I don't think they'll ever make them again. That's about it, there's some other stuff I would like to see but those are the ones that would probably translate better into actual sets.
  4. _R_R_

    Future Pirates Speculation

    An Ultimate Collector Series version or something akin to it, Black Pearl is pretty much the Millennium Falcon of the PotC franchise and it should've gotten a proper set that did it justice. Yes I think the Lepin ones or from some other KO brand, if people weren't asking for insane prices for the set or the hull pieces I wouldn't have to resort to this.
  5. _R_R_

    Pirate Ship Collection

    Awesome collection, love the Duthcman in particular, I'm jelly!
  6. _R_R_

    Future Pirates Speculation

    I am, but all the offers on Bricklink kind of suck, half of 500 euros for incomplete used sets and the cheaper sets all ship outside EU and I do not want to deal with customs, I've tried negoating with some sellers in the past to just buy the ship and they can keep the minifigs to remove the cost but they refuse every time which I understand but sucks for me lol, I wish Lego had made a UCS version when the fifth movie came out it would've balanced the market, because the ship is no where near worth the ammount it goes for, honestly I might just buy two KO ships for the original price of the set at this point.
  7. _R_R_

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Let's hope and good luck on yours as well always been a fan of your stuff!
  8. _R_R_

    Future Pirates Speculation

    I've thought about doing that by buying the Babyteeth Bricks Black Pearl instructions, it looks remarkable but also a very expensive build and my goal is to build the model from the video game which uses the hull pieces only found in the official Black Pearl set unfortunately, I will admit I've thought about just buying a couple of the cheap KO sets out there to get the hull pieces but I don't think it would sit right with me haha, honestly still undecided, I was really close to dropping all that money today but I've given myself some time to think it out until next week.
  9. _R_R_

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Man I hope so but they post a lot of stuff that doesn't mean anything. In the meantime I'm about to buy the Black Pearl for a little under 500 euros, it's a lot of money but I need parts from the ship and all the hull pieces I need off Bricklink would cost me about half of that so might as well cut my losses and get it, sell the minifigs and get started on my Black Pearl build from the video game, feels good to be back I must say, let's hope Lego surprises us with more Pirates this year!
  10. _R_R_

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    Happy to help!
  11. _R_R_

    Future Pirates Speculation

    I like both yellow and fleshie colours, at this point I'd take blue colours if it meant getting more pirates sets.
  12. _R_R_

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    These two come to mind, I also used Qui-Gon's hair a lot back in the day for custom Jack Sparrow minifigs. Thor's new hair also looks like it would fit some pirates.
  13. _R_R_

    [LDD] The Black Pearl Project

    Holy crap lol, talk about timing, I'm currently in the process of designing blueprints for the video game Pearl and this would be a huge help, did you get any luck exporting to stud.io?
  14. _R_R_

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Hey maties! New here, well sorta new, joining after going through my dark age lol, just wanted to participate in the conversation a bit. I really do hope we get more Pirate sets in the near future but I fear Barracuda Bay will probably be the last one for a while, I know there are PotC movies in development but I've given up on Lego making a new Pearl or even a Dutchman. Which is why I've decided to start my own project of making the video game Pearl and then hopefuly the Dutchman, sadly I never ended up buying the Pearl when it was out (did get the minifigs) because it just looked too small and honestly lazy, it's a decision I've come to regret as I can't find one at a justifiable price. It seems that we're sort of a dying breed here, my love for Lego always stemmed from my love of pirates and wanting to build pirate forts and ships and the like, so it sucks to see how the Pirates theme has been left in the dust compared to something like Harry Potter or Star Wars that seem to get new versions of the same sets every other year or so, 2015 was truly the last good year for us, 2011 in my case since I loved, loved PotC and the line, even though Lego dropped the ball on the Pearl and didn't make some of my most wanted sets. So yeah, I'm putting all my money on building MOCs of the PotC movies for now, looking forward to chatting with the ones that are still here!
  15. _R_R_

    Hello maties!

    Hello there fellow brickheads! I guess I'm new here but I've been lurking about for many, many years but I decided to join after my love of lego being reignited last year, went through my dark age after 2012 or thereabouts and now I'm coming back. Favorite themes are Pirates and Pirates of the Caribbeans, also always liked Castle and Lord of the Rings, as well as some of the more old ones such as Aqua Raiders and Johnny Thunder, System, etc. Currently planning to build the Black Pearl as seen in the video game of Pirates of the Caribbean as a sort of celebration for me getting back into the hobby, I look forward to chatting from time to time with you all, Peace!