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  1. Sano23

    Legonino + ESP32 + Arduino

    Well it's a bit dificult to concrete my desire architecture Lok24. My son have two new trains from this chirstmas and I've an arduino with bluettoth and ESP32 to make some simple circuits. And this days I found legoino library example navigating from internet. First I think is put a screen info in the station with information and make some servo barriers, but it could be nice that train go in the little circuit I've and stops when found a lego color brick like this video. But when my son put this bricks it posible to have a crach and I think hc-sr04 that I 've from arduino pack I could be nice to avoid it. And here we are with 2 trains, 1 arduino and 1 ESP32 and searching as musch information as I can to build something simple to my son and strat my first project. Thanks
  2. Sano23

    Legonino + ESP32 + Arduino

    Hello Toastie. Now I control the lego train hub with ESP2 and legoino, but I want to put sensors in the trains to become autonomous. My idea is put lego colors pieces on the rails as codes to control the two train velocity and put an ultrasonic sensor to avoid crashes and some sensor in the station to stop the train "x" seconds maybe. I wolud like to know how comunicate all this with my working ESP32. I was thinking to make all comunication via wifi maybe and control the train with bluetooth. PD: I think is option 2. But I will accept any suggestion
  3. Hello I control my two trains (bluetooth) with legoino + ESP32 and this works ok. Now I want that every train have their own arduino mini or ESP32 with color and ultrasonic sensor like HC-SR04 for automatic drive. ¿Can I comunicate arduino/esp32 in trains with the first esp32 board that control the trains via bluetooth if this one is controlling the trains via bluetooth + legoino? Thank you