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  1. Onzenuub, thanks for your offer for help. Turns out my daughter found the problem in about 2 minutes, A misaligned gear in the front end was binding on one of the frame pieces. Problem solved. Thanks again for the offer of help.
  2. Thanks Onzenuub. I've just completed the steering assembly and the steering wheel is locked. The steering column leads to a fairly complex gear train at the front of the Defender. That gear train is also locked. I'm fearful that I may have locked it somehow by inserting one of the 1X2 Technic Beams (that have a pin hole and an axle hole) incorrectly. Perhaps the only remedy is to start backtracking (and perhaps disassembling) but before I tackle that I thought I would ask the experts. Thanks for any advice you can lend. This build is my first and it's been a blast, but I'm loathe to go any further until I fix this problem. Thanks. Thank you 2GodBDGlory!
  3. RobGremley

    Best forum for Land Rover Defender

    Stuartn, thanks for the reply! I've asked my question in that thread. Thanks again.
  4. Hi. I'm brand new to this forum. I'm currently building the Land Rover Defender and have a couple of questions. Is this the right place to post them? Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks! Rob.
  5. Hi. Brand new to this site. I am building the Land Rover Defender Technic 42110. I have a couple of questions, and rather than starting a new forum I thought I would ask if there is already a forum for folks that are building this same kit. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!