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  1. For sure I will build it. Just have to order few parts and disassembly one or two builds... Stay tuned. You prefer to have my feedback here or via PM?
  2. THanks, now it's much more clear. I was afraid about selection forks to bend, but it can be seen that you've designed them properly.
  3. Congratulations to the winners! They are worth the prizes. A lot of great models in this contest, all participants did great job.
  4. Looks great. I would like to see more pictures. Also if possible STEP files to fully understand what's inside.
  5. 42053 is worse. There you have to move one part and then second one. Here it seems to be just one knob to operate (per one outrigger).
  6. At least they seem to be design better that in 42053.
  7. I'm not considering expert myself, but I work in the plastic tools so at least have this everyday in front of me. You are right, the friction and stiffness of plastic is way worse for this application. The mechanism will be jamming all over the place. What Gimmick is referring to are the elements that move clutches. They are asymmetrical so there will be flexing and excessive friction. It works in metal but plastic is different story.
  8. 30: 10 9: 6 29: 4 6: 3 26: 2 5: 1 It was really tough to pick only the top 6! Great builds here.
  9. Looks like he's seeing serious Technic model for the first time. I do enjoy Balas' (is that correct spelling? ) review every time I watch them.
  10. If LEGO did not yet released this set they cannot make any claims. But for the MOC designer it's different story. Mold King set looks like a ripoff.
  11. Excellent build. Looks just like I remember them on the road.
  12. Mikdun

    [TC22] Power Crane

    It looks better and better with each iteration. Really like it, despite "unusual" cabin.
  13. Looks impressive, very sturdy. Especially like the fully working controls! But I have to ask: what is " Bell/Young mechanism on the main rotor (a feature of this helicopter model)"? How does it differ from typical mechanism?
  14. Even after you add: It is still rear heavy? Make bigger bucket!
  15. Just found this MOC. I don't care if it looks good or not, it's technic model. With the gearbox and nice suspension. But one can only appreciate the door mechanism after seeing it in action - what is the working mechanism? Great job!
  16. It looks very well. Nice job! I especially like the overall proportion and polished look.
  17. It looks very promising for CADA designs. :-)
  18. The one for my phone does. It even says "9v 1.8A" on it. Sure, when connecting "dumb" device it stays at 5v 0.5A.
  19. Good looking MOC. Like the attention to the details (like exhaust). Nice touch with the accessories.