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  1. Nice one! Something closer to my heart, definetly will try to build, just need to find some missing parts. What's NOT normal about workshop equipment?
  2. This is where all "magic" happens. And it's kept close to the chest. I'm sure you do realize that it takes years to got the knowledge. Just like in the chemistry field. But you are welcome to ask. I'm not that deep into chemistry, so I may be wrong, to me every time plastic is processed it get a bit worse. OTOH using regrind of virgin material is not easily detectable. We had such experiment done: external lab was not able to tell if the part is made from virgin or 100% regrind material. After more cycles it most likely will be. Currently there are plastic materials with guaranteed % of regrind, as well as made only from recycled materials. And we all noticed change of material for black friction pins. What exactly was changed is unknown.
  3. The parameters are defined by the plastic supplier, not the machine designer. Often different brands of ABS/PC/you_name_it have significant differences with regards to the temperatures. Then there are injection speeds profiles, post pressure profiles... And let's not forget the mould design (especially size and location of injection points), this can also ruin your part. Just my 2c. PS: Fun fact: back in the "old days" customers were very strict NOT to use regrinded material, as it was said to lower the quality. Now it is mandated to use regrinded/recycled material to be eco-friendly.
  4. I got you, back in the old days everything was better. Actually old cars were not as stiff as modern ones, but it's getting too much off topic I guess...
  5. I assumed you are using polarity switch to change modes.
  6. Polarity switch has not good contacts?
  7. On the contrary. They will add bending to the middle section, while twisting is the ideal mode. In real life anti roll bars are always "C" shaped (straight will not work unless with additional arms), the wired shape is only to avoid other structures. See picture from Wikipedia.
  8. This is how I would imagine it should work, as @gyenesvi showed.
  9. If you connect one side to the housing ant the other to the spring hole it will work.
  10. Interesting note. I am/was under impression that a charger will always put out 5V as a "safe starting voltage" and increases it only after handshaking with some other device. Looking for some sample IC description on TI site I may be wrong! So using USB-A charger can be better indeed.
  11. Torsion bar is just a bar/rod made from proper grade of steel - it does not have any loops. That's more or less how the stabilizer/anti roll bars works - they link movement of both sides of suspension, so the body rolls less.
  12. That's amazing, dense build. Impressive! The chassis proportion are a bit off, but hey, that's Technic forum not Model Team! Oh, wait... For me great build. I adore the pneumatic function switch. It shows how much we need some more advanced pneumatics.
  13. I think the bigger problem is that even using axle as flexible part the forces generated by plastic model are so low, it will not be visible. Plus Lego might not wont to stress the axles so much. The disconnection could work, it will be interesting showcase of this solution.
  14. Mikdun

    [MOC] Salvador Dali - The Elephants

    Nice take on this. The elephants in regular form would look nice too.
  15. Looks kinda like Renault5. I like it. It's a shame frond is without diff. The big rear spoiler is definitely better. McLaren F1.