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  1. Looks like he's seeing serious Technic model for the first time. I do enjoy Balas' (is that correct spelling? ) review every time I watch them.
  2. If LEGO did not yet released this set they cannot make any claims. But for the MOC designer it's different story. Mold King set looks like a ripoff.
  3. Excellent build. Looks just like I remember them on the road.
  4. Mikdun

    [TC22] Power Crane

    It looks better and better with each iteration. Really like it, despite "unusual" cabin.
  5. Looks impressive, very sturdy. Especially like the fully working controls! But I have to ask: what is " Bell/Young mechanism on the main rotor (a feature of this helicopter model)"? How does it differ from typical mechanism?
  6. Even after you add: It is still rear heavy? Make bigger bucket!
  7. Just found this MOC. I don't care if it looks good or not, it's technic model. With the gearbox and nice suspension. But one can only appreciate the door mechanism after seeing it in action - what is the working mechanism? Great job!
  8. It looks very well. Nice job! I especially like the overall proportion and polished look.
  9. It looks very promising for CADA designs. :-)
  10. The one for my phone does. It even says "9v 1.8A" on it. Sure, when connecting "dumb" device it stays at 5v 0.5A.