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  1. kbieniu7

    [MOC] Skoda 105 (Estelle)

    That is such a cool model! The look of the guy gives a truly retro Czechoslovak vibe! :D
  2. kbieniu7

    The BlueBrixx Thread

    Hi again to everyone! So, I've decided to buy parts from BlueBrixx. The shipping cost to Poland turned out to be smaller than I thought it was (9 € instead of 19 €). I've bought dark blue windows and light bluish gray 2x4 slopes. I also wanted to buy train windows, but they have been out of their stock for few months already. The quality is good, the clutch seems to be ok, and I cannot see any colour difference. Below is a picture comparing original Lego parts (left) and BB ones (right). Thank you All for previous advices and your impressions :)
  3. kbieniu7

    The BlueBrixx Thread

    Thank you for such detailed comparison! :)
  4. kbieniu7

    Mocs, Mods and trifles

    Awesome collection! These two passenger cars look great, I like the small detail of a smaller window near the doors. Their colours remind me Czech (ČD) and Slovak (ZSSK) liveries. I also made similiar ones in 6-wide, altough I haven't shared anything on this forum :)
  5. kbieniu7

    The BlueBrixx Thread

    Thanks a lot for a detailed answer :)
  6. kbieniu7

    The BlueBrixx Thread

    Thank you for the answer. With your pieces, how is the BB's colour matching with the original LEGO ones? Is there any visible difference or are they the same?
  7. kbieniu7

    The BlueBrixx Thread

    Hello I'm completely new to this forum. Since the pandemic started, I went back to build stuff from lego, mostly trains. I discovered BrickLink and since then I went on building cars and locos from time to time. Now, I would like to ask for advice. I've been looking towards BlueBrixx recently. I don't want to buy any of their sets, just thinking about some part packs for my own creations: Dark Blue window frame 1X4X3 Glass for train for window Light Blueish Gray plate w. bow 2X2X2/3 (curved slope) These elements are either unavaible in dark blue colour or expensive in large quantities. How do you think it could be with their quality? I see in thread that there were some issues with BB's quality, wondering if you had chance to get hands on this particular elements? What scares me is their shipping cost. For sending it to Poland they count 19 euros, which is quite a lot, especially if one buys just a small pack. My vision for alternatives (except for glass) are trying to buy a proper lego in cheaper colour and paint them or trying to 3D-print them. Thanks in advance and regards