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  1. nota82

    [MOC] Blacktron Scout Buggy

    Classy look, I prefer Blacktron 2 (3) colours, but you made this smexy and classy.
  2. I also loved the 90's space sets. I had some catalogs, an XT starship and later a Robo-Guardian. I've made a lot of MOC from them. I think there was a lot of set with such a great playabilty, colour scheme and character. We need new space sets with just 3-4 factions. Space Police and Blacktron is mandatory, Ice Planet, Futuron or M-Tron could be the 3rd and 4th factions.
  3. nota82

    Blacktron Allied Avenger Redux

    The best Allied Avenger ever! It shouts for an actual LEGO set.
  4. nota82

    [MOC] Blacktron Torgos Dropship - LDD

    Blacktron + Ship = :) I like it
  5. What a great loader! We need lego sets like this.
  6. You have such a playful mind... I like this MOC very much!
  7. I lost my jaw when you pushed that button and the "dog" jumped from sleeping to playing. I bet you are very proud, and you are right! Congratulations to this wonderful machine!
  8. nota82

    [Blacktron II] Guided Missile Corvette FSG-1

    Great MOC, I also want to make a good Blacktron set later.
  9. nota82

    [MOC] Blacktron Betrayer (Renegade Remake)

    Superb "remake", better than the original. Well done.