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  1. Hi most of my Lego is the old style beams with lugs. Just wondered when did Lego beams go lugless and why
  2. Do any one here get there spare parts direct from Lego. And is it easy to do. Many Thanks
  3. Tacker

    Arctic Base Camp 60036 disappointing

    I got 6 boxes out of the Artic set. After building them all. I wish id saved me money
  4. Tacker

    Spare bricks

    Can ppl tell me where you get your spare bricks from. Im realy new to all this Many Thanks
  5. Tacker

    Spare bricks

    mostly sci fi buildings ect
  6. Tacker

    Spare bricks

    Just read a large tub of bricks in a Lego shop is £11.00 That seems a lot
  7. Well its only a few months to end of the year. I was wondering what lego may have for us next year. Or what would you Like..Id Love a truck and low loader ----- 42024 Container Truck October 24th 2013 Read more All 1H 2014 Lego Technic Sets November 11th 2013 Read more 2H 2014 Lego Technic Sets January 28th 2014 The 42029 Pickup has also been revealed!
  8. Why cant Lego just put on the box the scale of the item
  9. Just ordered from Argos Server Truck Playset - 42008. :£99.99 Mobile Crane MK2 Playset - 42009. £149.99 For pick up tomorow
  10. Got all the bits but not the servo motor
  11. Wish I could build things like that
  12. No I wont be buying it. I only get my kits from Argos UK.cos I get a discount
  13. Tacker

    2013 Galaxy Squad

    Cant get the kits here yet in UK
  14. Tacker

    2013 Galaxy Squad

    I just want a load of Galaxy Squad troops for war games
  15. Just looking on the Lego power functions page and the new motors still aren’t listed. Anyone know when we can buy them.
  16. None We don't have euros in UK thank god...lol
  17. Tacker

    LDD MOD: 7937 Train Station

    How do you do the points in LLD ?
  18. Tacker

    LDD Moc: train diesel refueling depot

    Looks great Only thing id change is make it a twin road re fueling point. Then how about a Office building where fuel tankers can unload to underground tanks .. Just an Idear
  19. Tacker

    UK Diesel

    Hi ive been building with Lego for many years. But never legoTrains. There are somr great locos on here but i cant find any UK diesel locos. Any one built any like class 66, 60 ect Many Thanks
  20. Id love to see Technic figures. It would help makeing lego trucks ect about the same scale.
  21. Looking at the new mobile crane. Im thinking take the crane of and build a great army truck of some sort.. May but 2 of them
  22. Think ill have to go see bank manager (with out her in doors knowing). Im going to be so in det this year looking at all the stuff i want...