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  1. chris1980

    [DIGITAL] Pirate tavern and docks modular

    I wont, do you know how many hours it takes to write the manual?
  2. Since they wont remain as digital designs, the decoration pieces raise the pricing for purchases on brickowl and bricklinks heavily, I have checked it. My aim is to stay around 200 - 250 EURO mocs. The exaggerating moc with 5000+ are wonderful to watch, but I will never pay that much for Lego. Christopher
  3. Oh thank you very much, never tried that mode. Looks a lot better! Christopher
  4. chris1980

    [DIGITAL] Pirate tavern and docks modular

    Yes but keep in mind that these deco details raise the prize enormously. These little pieces were about 80€. It's easy to click on a mouse but I want to buy and built it.
  5. chris1980

    [DIGITAL] Pirate tavern and docks modular

    More decoration will follow, it is a digital render from Rebrickable Studio. Just for the fun I am adding 4 minifigures. In "real Life" I have plenty of them :D
  6. Hello there, my 2nd and 3rd moc are modular. To be built on there own or as modular, fitting very nice togehter. It is 2200 pieces togehter, or seperately 1000 pieces +/- PS the wonderful ship is the "La Grenouille" by Moc your brick. Not my design.
  7. Thank you, I am leaving out the decoration, since it raises the moc pricing to heavily.
  8. Thank you very much. Apart from some more decoration and alternated water shapes, I will stop here. BTW: does somebody know how to export a high resolution pdf from the manual? The pdf generated there seem to be highly compressed for my eyes. Would love to have a printed issue.
  9. A bit more on the costal decoration.
  10. Thank you, I actually started with the jetty to get comfortable with the software. Therefore, a rather simple jetty is a good point to start with. I am still thinking about a great entrance to the fortress or some kind of torn down concrete parts to make the fight of the past more visible. Probably the fortress will end a bit more chubby than it is now. 😁🏴‍☠️ I wanted a starting point to add the barracuda bay and/or the Sabre island tower to turn the island into a big pirate world.
  11. Hello there and happy new year, since I had a lot of freetime yesterday, I started my very first MOC. The idea of a conquered royal fortress near the beach with a proper web for the big ships and an island setting (which has to be added obviously. I liked the idea of a serious sized fortress without having to build the entire one (cann follow later). The walls are obviously influenced by the sabre island 2021 design, which I want to add to the seeting later. Would like to hear your thought. It's currently 560 pieces. Best, Christopher
  12. chris1980

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    Is there any chance to Buy a parts list and manual to the original pirate Bay design? I like it alot more than the final lego product. Thanks alot and merry Christmas from Germany
  13. chris1980

    [LEGO Ideas] The Pirate Bay!!

    I love the original design actually more than the final LEGO product. Too colorful for the pirate's world. Is there any chance to BUY a part list and manual for this? I don't want to support some more or less illegal vendours that already brought a cheap version of it to the market. Thanks a lot, have a wonderful christmas...sent from Germany