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  1. BananaBrick01

    Motorising 0-6-0s - LEGO Caledonian 812

    Thanks a lot garmsey - I appreciate it!
  2. BananaBrick01

    Motorising 0-6-0s - LEGO Caledonian 812

    Thanks for those, tips, ColletArrow! I will definitely try them out. You are right about the brightness - the light in the firebox photo is only on the second notch, and already very bright - and the gaps between the coloured translucent studs / wedges allow some white light through, depending on the angle - so an extra plate should hopefully fix that!
  3. BananaBrick01

    Motorising 0-6-0s - LEGO Caledonian 812

    Thanks zephyr1934!
  4. BananaBrick01

    Motorising 0-6-0s - LEGO Caledonian 812

    As promised to ColletArrow, here are a couple of low light photos showing the front light and the firebox light in action - it is quite fun to turn up and down the intensity, particularly for the firebox! LEGO Caledonian 812 - Front light by BananaBrick01, on Flickr LEGO Caledonian 812 - Firebox by BananaBrick01, on Flickr Though I have to say CollettArrow, the firebox in your Collett Goods is amazing, and hard to top!
  5. BananaBrick01

    Motorising 0-6-0s - LEGO Caledonian 812

    Thanks a lot - I really appreciate it! Some of the stickers are on quite small bricks, so they took a while to apply!
  6. BananaBrick01

    Motorising 0-6-0s - LEGO Caledonian 812

    Thanks for the replies - lots of great ideas and feedback here! idlemarvel - I love your tank engine. It’s always a challenge squeezing in all the tech even when you have a tender to play with, so kudos for getting everything so neatly in a tank! It looks great, and very true to the original. ColletArrow - these are really great builds. I will send some low light photos to show the firebox light in action on the 812. Having said that, the firebox build and lighting from your Collett Goods looks amazing, so I don’t know if mine is a patch on that! But always nice to share ideas :) I am going to experiment with the O-rings in line with your suggestions about leaving off one side, and see what impact that has on starting / running. Feuer Zug - always appreciate your support and feeback. On the colour choice - I’m not an expert on the history, but I believe the 812 series started out painted dark blue, but were changed to black later, possibly in the 1930s or 1940. I love the blue personally, but of course when Donald and Douglas - based on the 812 series - were introduced in Thomas the Tank Engine, they first appeared in black paintwork). Those with keen eyes will spot that there are a couple of bricks on the model that I couldn’t get in dark blue, so are black instead - that’s the challenge of building MOCs for real I suppose, rather than using programs! ;). The Ideas vote is really appreciated. I think you’re the first one to spot the Billund Tea Easter Egg :D
  7. Hi all - I wanted to share my latest project of creating a LEGO Caledonian 812 with tender, and see if anyone else had experiences to share (good or bad) of motorising a 0-6-0? LEGO Caledonian 812 ‘Jumbo’ steam train by BananaBrick01, on Flickr In my model the main chassis of the train is built directly onto the Powered Up train motor (88011), with power going to the middle and rear pairs of wheels, as well as being transferred to the front pairs of wheels via the pistons. To ensure the train can corner, the middle pair of wheels are blind drivers without flanges. The tender uses three pairs of small wheels in 38339 holders, but the rear wheel can turn (using a similar connection to the front wheels of Emerald Night), again to enable cornering. The drive wheels have O-rings. The Powered Up box is its usual place in the tender, beneath a panel with 'coal' studs and wedges on top: LEGO Caledonian ‘Jumbo’ (showing powered-up box) by BananaBrick01, on Flickr I found that once the O-rings are attached to the drivers, the train will both start and run well on both straights and corners, though with a heavier load (2+ carriages / trucks), it would need a nudge to start if placed on a corner. The train has lights fitted; one of the lights is in the usual place on the front of the train, and the second lights up the fire in the firebox (as shown on the Lego Ideas page). Hope this is of interest. Really interested to know if anyone else has experimented with 0-6-0s, and what they found to be optimal to get everything working well! Happy building all.
  8. BananaBrick01

    [IDEAS] Shiro-chan at the Farm

    I’m in line with garmsey - that’s a lovely little loco, and shows what you can do with clever integration of the powered up battery box. supported! (though I would agree no harm in switching to the plastic rails to avoid confusion….)
  9. BananaBrick01

    LEGO Train Tunnel Idea - Suggestions and support

    In response to JaBaCaDaBra's feedback on making the tunnel 'rockier', here is a 'sneak preview' of the February update to Old Hill Train Tunnel which should hopefully go live in just over a week... Old Hill Train Tunnel (LEGO Ideas) by BananaBrick01, on Flickr Really appreciate all the support and feedback on this... please consider voting if you would like to have an official LEGO train tunnel on LEGO Ideas!
  10. BananaBrick01

    Hi - new member here! :)

    thanks miccio 😉
  11. BananaBrick01


    Hi all - like others, really appreciate this stream being revived. Have introduced myself on the general “Hello, my name is…” topic, but it is great to have something in Train Tech as well. My name is Antony and I’m now 42 . My son is 7 and really getting into trains so a lot of what I build is to play with him in the first instance, often trying to fill the gaps in the sets officially launched by LEGO. I posted separately about my current LEGO Ideas project for an official train tunnel; my other main project at the moment is a powered-up 0-6-0 based on the Caledonian 812 class, which is something of a companion piece to the tunnel, but designed to work on its own as well. A few pieces still waiting to come in the post before it is ready for it’s maiden run, but seems to be running well even with a few holes in the side 😁 My deep, dark secret is that I was really into Space LEGO as a kid, and had a space city under a table tennis table based around the space monorail (6990)… but always had an envious eye on the city and train ranges. Now I’m “all grown up”, I enjoy the City and other real-life infrastructure more than anything else… and my son has his own little town (circled by 60052, 7725 and Emerald Night) on the living room table. Great to get to know everyone, and really appreciate all the mutual support and encouragement in the forum.
  12. BananaBrick01

    Hi - new member here! :)

    Thanks, Niku - I appreciate it! :)
  13. BananaBrick01

    LEGO Train Tunnel Idea - Suggestions and support

    Hi Garmsey - you’re right, pulling the tab launches the rockslide. Here is a video I made showing it in action: It is a really interesting idea to have a passing train launch the rockslide - or other features I guess. Might have to put my thinking cap on…
  14. BananaBrick01

    LEGO Train Tunnel Idea - Suggestions and support

    By way of update on the project, the boulders have now arrived after a couple of months waiting , so I've finally been able to get the rockslide finished and working.... Testing the rockslide…. by BananaBrick01, on Flickr I tend to like the trains to run smoothly, though my son loves it when there are accidents... I fear we now might have a few derailments mid-tunnel...! Testing the rockslide…. by BananaBrick01, on Flickr
  15. BananaBrick01

    LEGO Train Tunnel Idea - Suggestions and support

    Just having my first go at adding a better resolution photo of the project using Flickr... hopefully this will be easier for people to see :) Any other thoughts or feedback really welcome. Tunnel roofs removed by BananaBrick01, on Flickr