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  1. Classic-Pirates.com has found 2 new Recruits!

    I am definatle qualified. I am almost a WORSHIPER of Classic-Pirates.com, as I check it constantly every day. I am 17, turning 18 in November. I can speak, (and type), very fluently in English, and can translate messages to other members of differing languages. I have wished to join Classic Pirates.com for quite some time now, and hoped for the oppertunity. I have collected as many LEGO Pirates sets for as long as possible, and have extensive knowlege of the LEGO Pirates genre. I would LOVE to join this blog website, and appriciate your time!
  2. Fort Royal

    I must say, this is one of the few forts I have seen on this website that is IMMENSE in size, and yet is so fine in detail! Bravo in that. like an earlier post stated, if you were to put more cannons along the wall, it would make this the finest fort in the armada! I was just wondering, but is that an admirals quarters? If so, PLEASE take pictures of it! Thanks!
  3. Pictorial Review - 6289/6290 Red Beard Runner

    Yes. I see what you mean. I was only speaking my mind, mostly because I was VERY dissapointed at the condition they were in. I just didn't want a fellowmember to buy from BL, and come out with what I did!
  4. Pictorial Review - 6289/6290 Red Beard Runner

    I must say, VERY nice review. A small note you may like to know is that on the 6th picture, of the minifigures is that the 1st and the 4th minifigs are unauthentic lego minifigs. I know this because I recently bought two sets, (Click here, it's the set #302 1nd #301), and they were FAKE legos. Just though you would want to know that!
  5. Pictorial Review: 6274 Caribbean Clipper

    Fantastic productr review! My favorite picture is the 33rd picture or bird's eye view. Hilarious!
  6. Deadna= Dead Ninja

  7. LOL Found a Black Seas Barracuda set in a garage sale for... $10!!!! HAHA

  8. Need help with a fort!

    Ok. Here is my problem. I have spent the past... month, on building a LEGO fort. The problem is this: I have run out of cannons, and pieces for custon cannons! I need some tips on: A: A good place to buy LEGO cannons for a LOW price and B: Suggestions for the base of a fort. I will post pictures of it As soon as I can, but I am still in the phase of making the base of it all! Thanks for the help!
  9. HMS Scorpion, a WIP

    Oh, the suspence!
  10. General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    From what I've read, and from here, (http://lego.wikia.com/wiki/4184_The_Black_Pearl ), it will come out in time for christmas! Now, doesn't THAT seem just like LEGO...
  11. A question about ship ratings.

    I would have to say a ship's gun rating depends on how many guns it started out with. So if a Frigate started with 32 guns, but the captain added so it became 35, it would still be a 32 gun ship, but would have extra guns.
  12. What you want in a Fort

    I kow, I know.. I was making a joke there to lighten the mood. Even if I was to make a pub, I agree, all the troops would be drunk as a stick!
  13. What you want in a Fort

    I would have to agree with the admirals quarters. Right now I am having trouble locating the right bases for the fort, so as soon as I start construction, I will post it!
  14. General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Personaly, I don't like the new Pirates Of The Caribbean sets because: A: The Lego group discontinued Lego Pirates so they could make Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean B: Look at Lego Star Wars teh Clone Wars! That should've left a ouple of months ago! My though is CN is funding Lego so they keep making Clone Wars. I guess my worry is that Lego won't stop makin Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean and so they won't EVER make Lego Pirates AGAIN! :pir_bawling:
  15. WIP: Rosindale Harbour

    Wow... I must say impressive. Although the dock could use a bit more space in the center. Just a personal thought!