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  1. Tc99m

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Now that the main Winter Village set has been announced: did anyone pick up any rumours about the Winter GWPs? Normally there's two, always a challenge to pick the right time to order your WV-set with the GWP you like the most, haha.
  2. Tc99m

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    This image was just published on a Dutch LEGO fansite. I wasn't that enthousiastic about the set when I saw the leaked (low quality) images before, but the colors look really good on the box. Previously felt it was to generic-city-ish, but I'm coming back from that. Here's a link to the backside of the box that shows the interior: Very shallow buildings, that's a bit disappointing. The set as it is would not justify a €130 price for me, so I hope they keep it around €100.
  3. Tc99m

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    LEGO never confirmed or denied it to my knowledge. But considering that they released a tiger with a brick built pink butthole around the same time. I'm sure that if the tiger "meets their high quality standards" (to quote TLG), a little tongue-in-cheek humor like a Santa minifig with a naughty list will meet them too. ;-) I personally suspect it was some logistical/production issue, or possibly something in the design of the sets or minifigs that didn't work out and was overlooked. Since TLG doesn't confirm anything, the only way we'll be sure if the rumour is true is if they release the set this year with or without the naughty list. If this year has completely different GWPs, we might never know for sure (and the rumor will persist too, I'm sure).