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    The Fortress of Portasol

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  1. Aquilatan

    Future Castle Sets?

    I've no clue why LEGO has exterminated the classic castle for such a long time. But I think instead of just hoping on a re-launch, we can actively take some influence by supporting castle projects on LEGO IDEAS. Even if LEGO does not produce themself a new castle it has still a chance over the BrickLink crowdfunding as it was the case for the "Castle in the forest". And it seemed that this has a very big fan community because it was sold out within very short time... So I will encourage every castle fan to register on LEGO IDEAS and support all the nice looking castles to give LEGO a hint that castles have a big fan community, and the chances of castle set will be increased. - Long live the classic castle -
  2. Aquilatan

    The Fortress of Portasol

    This is a traditional classic playing castle I've build for my children. It has a whole bunch of functions to have fun for a long time... You can see more images and a video of all the functionalities on LEGO IDEAS (The Fortress of Portasol). And if you think it would be nice that it becomes a real LEGO set, just hit the support button ;-)
  3. Aquilatan

    Viking Village

    Great work. I love the icicles on the house
  4. Aquilatan

    [MOC] The Ravnsborg Castle Heist

    Really cool. So many details. Fantastic work!