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  1. Doesn't work with Buwizz 3.0 yet, sadly. It works with latest firmware with Technic and City hub, though. Also works great with Pybricks custom firmware on these two hubs.
  2. Same motor, different part number according to rebrickable/bricklink: 21980. Motor, Medium, We-Do 2.0 Medium Linear Motor (88008) was used in two Boost sets: 75253, 17101. It's a shame there is a such miscommunication with names/part numbers.
  3. "it cannot control a medium linear motor for centered steering, because, as Buwizz service told me, it has no absolute position." Wait, what? How come it doesn't have a position sensor if it can be used as a servo-motor with a City hub, similar to 45607 small angular motor? @aFrInaTi0n I believe he's talking about Buwizz for the most part. Well, mostly about missing features, but still. @recklessGlitch I'd suggest to use a City hub (small powered up hub) with Ni-Zn batteries, at least to see if it can handle L-motor with a higher voltage with your model (tested it with some of sets myself, no, it won't fry it or anything). As for medium linear motor as servo it can be programmed with PyBricks.
  4. @Zerobricks Hi. I'd like to know if there's any plans to add a servo mode support for angular motors (45607, 88017, 88018) and medium linear motor (88008)? Honestly it's the only feature I'd like to request from the team to be able to drop PU hubs completely.
  5. @sebulba56 "I was thinking about a price of 5-7$, would anybody be ready to pay this price ?" Been waiting for instructions/part list for a while now. Yeah, In my opinion that's a fair price.
  6. Gorkron

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    I'll just drop technic "car theme" ads here :)
  7. Well, I guess I just feared it will be like C+ L-motor as servo once when it ripped several parts (it was with a full powered buwizz 3.0 though, had to limit it power output hard after that). Well, new one worked like a charm even with default 50%, so that's very promising indeed. Besides, I tested it later with 1.6V Ni-Zn at 90% and got a much higher speed and power, naturally. I tried to set it up in official lego PU app and it seems it can work in theory, but doesn't center properly, just twitch like crazy. I still try to figure it out but it seems like it's problematic, partially supported and it's hard to set it up in official app, classic /s PS: PyBricks method with customized code flash works perfectly fine for this new servo, so that's a win. PPS: It works with Technic Hub 88012 via Powered Up app as well, not fully functional (can't return to center) with 88009 until Lego release microcode update for it, unfortunately.
  8. I just updated my previous post with a video, you should check it. - especially on outdoor terrain Yeah, that might be a problem, especially with a small hub. I used old 1.5V 6xAAA alkalines in my test, though. Ni-Zn 1.6V batteries might be needed for a better performance after all :)
  9. Well, everything you asked are good questions indeed, heh. I'll try to rebuild my 8448 Super Street Sensation with this angular motor for a steering and C+ L-motor to move this model. - Did you test it with a technic hub? Like I said, I tested it with 88009 Hub (small one with 2 C+ inputs) and 88012 Technic Hub (large one with 4 C+ inputs). It works, but I noticed there might be a glitch in a motor when motor shaft keeps spinning in one direction constantly. But honestly, I noticed it with a linear medium motor and with C+ L-XL motors as well. It can be unstable in any application I used so far (Lego, Buwizz app, Controlz app). - How powerful is it? Well, I don't think it's that powerfull at all, to be honest - shaft can be moved by a hand fairly easily, but I'm not an expert in this field. If it will be able to move the 8448 wheels - that's powerfull enough as a servo motor for me :) PS: I recorded a small test with a recent MOC (designed by JamesJT, I just motorized it) where I used C+ L motor for steering. Just a quick swap and a new motor was set to 80% of its max power and speed (in controlz app settings):
  10. _Ozzee_ Hi, just wanted to say thanks for this app (are you a developer of it or a tester, though? :) ) It works like a charm with angular motors, including latest 45607 small angular motor, which should really help with MOCs as a small servo-motor (actual size is 3x5x4 studs, by the way). Tested it with small and large technic hubs, 88009 and 88012. If only it could've support Buwizz 3.0 (using iOS version currently). Well, I just hope it will be supported in the future :)