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    NASA Space Shuttle Discovery

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  1. The Boba Fett

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Very cool! I need to get some shots of my modified Snowspeeder up!
  2. The Boba Fett

    LEGO Star Wars Sets vs MOCS

    Ah, no, don't get me wrong, much as I want lots of detail and my UCS sets are all on display, the more bits that are interactive the better. My UCS Discovery gets changed around every other week! lol. I just think with some sets Lego focuses a bit on "playability" too much which can compromise the look of a UCS set. The stabiliser fin of the Space Shuttle set is a prime example of that to me. cool feature but looks messy to me. From what I've seen, MOCS don't tend to have that problem.
  3. The Boba Fett

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Managed to find th Snow Speeder in its original box on BrickLink. There's not really any more of the older UCS sets I would get as they have too many studs showing for my liking and of course build techniques are so much better and cooler now. MOC wise I would love a Tie Advanced and an X-wing Fighter. That's all I'd want (besides a UCS Falcon) to complete a Star Wars "classics" collection. I have the UCS Slave One, which is such a cool set but I've had to do a LOT of modding to that and even now I'm considering a rebuild of the cockpit! I'd be tempted by a B Wing UCS to mod too such a cool, unique looking craft....all very spendy! lol
  4. The Boba Fett

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    A few months ago now, I somehow managed to get hold of UCS Snow Speeder 75144-1. I probably paid £40 more than it's original price but it was well worth it. A very enjoyable build which I've also enjoyed modifying to improve it's already good looks! Saving now for the UCS Millennium Falcon and praying nothing else I really like comes out before I get one. I have no room for one but am considering moving all of my partners stuff into the back garden to do so...
  5. The Boba Fett

    LEGO Star Wars Sets vs MOCS

    For me, MOC, if you want detail and accuracy , Set, if you want to "play". As @Kage Goombasays though, MOCs at UCS scale can be very VERY expensive and sourcing parts can be a pain in the under carriage. So far I've gone the route of buying a couple of UCS models and modifying them so the details are more in line with what I expect. Personally, I've had 6 Lego Star Wars sets and they now exist only in my parts bin or serve to mod my UCS ships. I won't buy another Star Wars set again but that's only because I want more detail and want my models to have more than a passing resemblance to what I see on the big screen!
  6. Image test. Can you tell what is craft is being modded here and what has been changed?