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  1. Congrats everyone! Congrats @MstrOfPppts for claiming first place!
  2. *Your entry has earned 15 XP (S:4, T:5, A:6) + 2 bonus XP for a total of 17XP Commander Maltrois believed her rise to power in imperial navy was slowed only because project Death Star failures. She was often mistaken by others for a chiss, especially that one famous admiral. It bothered it at first, but she used it to her advantage whenever she needed it. After Emperor's death she no longer was forced to serve on outdated ships like Victory class star destroyer she was fist assigned to, but also no longer restricted to outer territories by politics and anti alien schemes. Yes. This promotion was long overdue. As a first gift she would give herself was a house on Naboo. After all, when Empire and order will be restored, she still will need a place to retire to. She was leaning against the railing of the stairs to her house when a saluting stormtrooper broke her out of her reverie. Ah, she thought, Blaze squadron showed up to report. Okay then, let's get to the point. My luggage still needs to be unpacked, thought Maltrois, looking at her Ensign who was still busy with taking care of it. Maltrois luxury apartment on Naboo by MayItBe, on Flickr Maltrois luxury apartment on Naboo by MayItBe, on Flickr Maltrois luxury apartment on Naboo by MayItBe, on Flickr
  3. Pantoran Commander Maya Maltrois is ready to serve the empire. Maya Maltrois. Pantoran Commander of Imperial Remnants. With more story to follow with fist build =P
  4. Where's the usual place, for those not informed?
  5. MayItBe

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Look for royalty free images in google, or just google 'free space/cosmos view'. You don't need to care about licenses really, because you can use someone else work for your own needs. Problem is if you want to sell it, or use commercially in other ways. If you want cool background for photos I suggest looking through Hubble's Telescope collection - some really cool shots are out there.
  6. Simple, clean and elegant build.
  7. Nice build, great details! I would love some more close ups. The clone face on the wall is 10/10!
  8. Thanks! I wanted to use the monitor from the beginning, even before first build. I think I'll make some stickers for more uses of this cool piece :) Thanks!
  9. Thanks! I'm happy you liked it ^^ Thanks! I've watched Teth episode of Clone Wars five times for this build and was really concerned that I don't have any purple/violet plates to make violet planet, but it's great that the foliage helped to identify. Thanks! I guess we won't have any backstory for exploring empty monasteries, but let's not make any promises :D
  10. MayItBe

    FACTIONS: Bounty Board

    Teth Bounty part 2:
  11. ####################### Location: Planet Teth. 56°39'N B'omarr Monastery Local time: 18:41 Target: Pou Yaganadle  ####################### The hallways and chambers of the sanctuary were dark and silent, interrupted only by the sounds of sand creaking under the feet of Mandalorian shoes. - Turn on the thermal vision. The Yaganadle must be here somewhere - came the message from the helmet. It wasn't long before the two Mandalorians reached the largest chamber of the sanctuary, which looked like an audience hall. - Watch out for traps. Jabba had several of them in his palace, it may be the same here - thundered Spike in helmets. - Beware. More pics and close ups:
  12. It's a shame the dropship is out of focus, I've seen pics on discord of WIP and it's a nice piece of a ship :D
  13. I've sent this build to my friend who refuses to build sw, because he wants to remain in medieval and fantasy builds. It's just awesome empire castle. Really fits. Perfect introduction. I wouldn't want to encounter your squad on a mission =D
  14. I've never seen a space station in this scale done soo good. Great work