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  1. The Inquisitor ships looks so cool and badass. I really like it! Also good minifigs Taun We on the other hand looks just so strange and rather short
  2. Yperio_Bricks

    Mysteries Kick-Off Contest

    Congrats everyone!
  3. *Your entry has scored 19XP* A small team of the Socorro Trade Guild got hired to transport escapees and a priest of the Cult of the Power Droids from slave world Orvax IV to nearby planets from which they then would take different routes out of the sector. Yperio Syn and Kalyn Kels were scouting the urban area from the roof of a STG save house near the slave markets and underground dungeons. Liquor shop owner and local contact Mxaafwuuttorl Jachathwoxx provided them with the latest news and - Jachathwoxx wouldn't be Jachathwoxx - with the latest gossip too.
  4. Yperio_Bricks

    (MOC) IG-88 Battle Mech

    This looks so good
  5. I can only second what they others have said Great ship and hangar! Although the hangar build is reduced to the essential, it works perfect. I also like the minifig selection.
  6. Fantastic ship! The body looks so smooth and clean The cannons are great too. But i must admit, the green checkerboard pattern is quite distracting for me.
  7. Yeah, that's a great moc! I like the touch of the barren nature of an industrial world in the center of the build. There are some nice details, like the cargo crates, the two communication poles and the guard minifigs. Is the Aurebesh D brickbuild or a sticker? I can not recognize it.
  8. Yperio_Bricks

    [MOC] "Hello there." - Old Ben Kenobi

    Great moc! I love the landscape and the posing of the minifigs. Just R2-D2 is just a blank white space from behind I probably wouldn't have noticed the double windscreen because i enjoy the scene so very much, but yeah, i agree with what Teddy said about it.
  9. Yperio_Bricks

    [S10-MC] Cornered

    Nice little build! That water looks really poisonous
  10. Yperio_Bricks

    [S10-MC] Resupplying the Scarab

    Wow, what a great ship I love the shaping and colors. And all those nice details! I like the first picture the most, showing the ship in the spaceport hangar with your sigfig and some cargo crates around.
  11. Yperio_Bricks

    [MOC] Torre de Bandidos

    I love that moc The base looks great and the colors match perfectly with the white and aged bricks of the tower.
  12. The homestead kitchen looks very good. The details are great! The minifig...not so great, but still, as a 20€ set i would buy it for sure. But as a promo it's a pass since i don't plan to buy 160€ sets anytime soon.
  13. Yperio_Bricks

    [MOC] The Silver Speeder & The White Witch

    Star Wars: Droids yay Your speeders looks great! My favorite is the White Witch. Both speeders look maybe a little bit too bulky and short. But i really like both of them. Thanks for sharing
  14. Yperio_Bricks

    [MOC] Micro city

    The rooftop tennis court looks great! The whole building looks a little bit like a 70s Las Vegas Hotel. Or Miami? Have you ever seen the BMW headquarters? Check it out for some inspiration
  15. Yperio Syn was a freight broker for the Baobab Merchant Fleet and most recently he ran the Con Star Mining Corporation's Office on Tyne's Horkey where i made contact with local crimelords... After a short stint for the Soccory Trade Guild he had to go underground after a mission to Orvax IV failed badly. Syn had to flee and joined some smugglers on Fwillsving. Syn now asks to join the mercenaries faction.
  16. Yperio_Bricks

    [MOC] BTL Y-Wing

    Great moc all around! My favorites are the nose section and also the greebling on the main body. I love it I only feel like the astromech would match better with the ship if the droid had an other color.
  17. Yperio_Bricks

    [moc] R2-D2 & C3P0 mosaic

    Wow, that mosaic looks spectacular Great moc! I like the combination of studs and tiles and also the 3d effect.
  18. Yperio_Bricks

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    You can find a lot of pictures (or artist impressions) of nebulas, planets, planet clusters, comets, etc. at good old wikipedia and every picture mentions its licence. You will also find public domain NASA pictures at wikipedia. For some random space pictures just search wikipedia for stuff like Orion's Belt or Horsehead Nebula.
  19. Yperio_Bricks

    [MOC] Onward Into The Sierras

    Great moc! Beautiful landscape and colors.
  20. Yep, after i saw the palace in her stream i like the set even more. Will definitely pick up two.
  21. Actually Promobricks write that they are not sure if set 75336 will be a AT-TE, but they think it will be one. They also write that they know that LEGO is working on a AT-TE at the moment, which looks very similar in design and size like the 2013 one.
  22. The Dark Trooper set looks great! And much bigger than expected with only 166 pieces. The price though... Still need to get one of these, but i will wait half a year or so...
  23. Yperio_Bricks

    (MOC) IG-88 Battle Mech

    Another cool mech! I like it even more than the Boba one. Funny detail with the IG head