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  1. SamVimes

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    The lines give additional focus to create the flow of musculature, I mean most of the MCU costumes follow that rule. Comic book suits have the luxury of not having a real person in them. Even in your example of good costume design, Deadpool, Still has a ton of lines for flow and movement, not to mention they have to mocap the eyes in. And even Reynolds gets odd fabric snags and pulls. Zombie hunter Spider-Man has quite pronounced black sections to his suit And the the 838 mr fantastic suit? oh, you mean the suit that was completely developed through CGI, because of COVID travel restricions? That is basically Deadpool's costume in blue? Oh and even the designer is critical of it, as one would expect given COVID messing with the world. "at the end of the day it's still me and MANY other peoples' opinion, you can like them if you want, we aren't trying to force you into hating them, just making points against suits like any ant-man suit after civil war." Harlan Ellison once said “You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.” Ignorance in this case obviously isn't an insult, just a state of being. And therein lies the rub. Valid critique is based on sensible reasoning. Since Marvel has teams of artists & designers who have design documents, fabrication resources, and costumers means almost every layperson who has an opinion about a design choice, doesn't have enough knowledge to have an informed opinion. How well does something translate to Lego? That's harder since the Lego designers, while having access to Marvels files, have to tread a very careful line to produce a good physical product.
  2. SamVimes

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Adam's creators in the MCU are The Sovereign, His costume reflects the...ahem..subtlety, of the race. It also tracks with the cosmic part of the MCU having a root aesthetic in Jack Kirby's work. And,much like Vision, Adam Warlocks first encounter was with Thor, I mean you can literally see the similarity. You can have a preference for an particular aesthetic, but if you wish to be critical of a choice, you really should educate yourself on why the design choice was made.
  3. SamVimes

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    They don't "over design"? The costumes have to work as functional props. That 'busy' look you dislike hides panels for stretch and movement, not to mention fabrics have texture and structure. with a few exceptions like Spider-Man and Black Panther, So the Hero costumes have weathering and detail in spades, because otherwise it would all look like JJ's 'Jewel' costume. If the The Marvel: Universe of Superheroes exhibit is ever near you, you should check it out, the design process is shown for more than one of the exhibits.
  5. Nah. You want to "won" the argument? Go do the work. I'm not legitimizing your 3rd grade attempt at discourse. I mean, even just from a bizdev stand point - New molds had to be made for the entire CMF line, means a short production run. Unlike the regular CMF's. And the speed at which it was retired was nuts. - WB had faith that people would buy them, Looney Tunes being something that grabs the "collector" dollar, but the target market was never kids. There has to be a push from Disney, just the sheer amount of properties they own must make the process hell on the design team. Also heroes and villains probably need to be balanced?
  6. Here's the SKU 6000203241549 go satisfy yourself? I mean there are a ton of API scrapers, go nuts. That said if WB are going to do another series, Animaniacs would be a better choice?
  7. Just email them and ask dude? You'd be amazed at the information people will give you if you send a polite email. Oh I fully belive it would take something huge for them to drop the license but scaling it back? That is a little easier to do. But you can't judge the fandom on Kings Cross and The Shambles, The stores in the shambles have pretty small occupancy limits, I think the max is like 10 (medieval streets not being massive) and the area is a *huge* tourist trap, but the Golden Fleece across the street does an amazing steak pie.
  8. TLG doesn't publish sales figures but Target, Walmart and Krogers do. And Lego's numbers would really only be a macro view since they are creator and distributor rather than a store front. Ultimately the CMF's will always come down to contractual agreements between TLG and the license holders.
  9. Ok, but really? The Harry Potter franchise has...issues ( Transphobe author, Actors in franchises grooming teens, Legacy having weird cancellations) not exactly making it high on Lego's list. Looney toons sold poorly. Hanna barbera are owned by Warner and they have major issues with a notable lack of direction (see Scoob! for example). Sonic has new sets coming out so the focus is that for TLG. Video game licensing would take longer than most as it would have to be done individually with each studio and ACTIBLIZ probably hasn't helped the cause, despite the Tallneck being very cool.
  10. Regarding the jaw piece, seen a lot of whining about that. So as a reminder Tolkien's description "They are (or were) squat, broad, flat-nosed, sallow-skinned, with wide mouths and slant eyes." And likened them to the Mongol hordes. Every depiction of them has been Due to another artist and Tolkien has letters to his publisher lambasting his artistic ability, especially being able to bring forth the image in his head. He also wanted each reader (or spectator) of his stories to give the words he used “a peculiar personal embodiment in his imagination" Moreover his work is *the* blueprint for every modern Ork that exists in fantasy from D&D to Warcraft To Warhammer
  11. Who's ranting? TLG chose Series 23 to announce the change and show mock-ups, not that they are doing it for Series 23. There should always be resistance to anti-consumer moves by large corporations. It's the boiling frog metaphor, if small changes are made and accepted, it's not long before things get worse.
  12. Yeah? And? It's still a terrible, predatory and anti-consumer move. If they want to change a format for whatever reason there are better ways they could do it.
  13. SamVimes

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    Um...Last I checked bro, The Aztec empire is kinda finished. The Samurai abolition happened in 1876. And Lego has 2 in recent history (everything else is Ninjago which is excellent use of myth and legend) Pirates...I mean Henry Every was possibly the last great one, and they very much, like Ninjago are based on myth and legend. Vikings, Did what they did best and adapted to a changing world...And the last one was fairly accurate, quite an excellent figure. So all of them are 'dead' cultures. They are costumes at best. Indigenous north american cultures on the other hand are, very much, still living cultures. You get how they are different right? I mean today is National Indigenous Peoples Day here in Canada, so lots of living, breathing culture going on today. As for "soft" you mean empathetic and culturally aware right? And I'm pretty sure the box you reside in is plenty small.
  14. SamVimes

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    Thanks for doing me that courtesy, but if you'll re-read my post, I was speaking to the eagle feather in general, as were you in the post I was responding to (at least partially). I'll concede that there may be the germ of a false equivalency there, but it was a quickly-pulled comparison to make a point, not an effort to score in a structured debate. More than a germ of false equivelency, given that the sacrement is open to all, while war bonnets are only worn by a select few. I disagree with the simplicity you are assigning to some sort of cultural approval process. I think that would be vastly more complex, and rife with potential pitfalls. That being said, how would we even know if there were some effort on TLG's part to do exactly that? Does any non-white European minifig have to come with a press release? Consultation wouldn't be that hard, Nearly every tribe have a record keeper who will know patterns, styles etc. Also "oh no it might be difficult" isn't a reason to not do it. I believe this is a very important note by you that does a good job of pointing out the core of the problem: “this could be a problem if the right steps weren’t taken while making it, and that’s why some people might have a knee jerk reaction to thinking it’s a bad idea” Must we be beholden to knee jerk reactions? Nobody in this conversation can point to any instance of any Native American or representative organization taking umbrage with this minifig. Instead it's just fuel for culture war, instead of appreciating different cultures on their own merits. There is a reason LTG stopped making the western theme. These are tokenized, objectified, static images of Native cultures that are not really representative or contextually appropriate. As for "representative organizations" Each tribe represents itself, but stuff like clean water, pipeline protests etc useually takes the lions share of time. The womens brick initiative has an in-depth look at POC and lego Preservation of culture is essential for identity, No one is waging "war", Just protecting and promoting their identity. For the sake of this topic, I'm going to end my participation in this here. I should know better. Keyboard battles rarely change minds.
  15. SamVimes

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    That fig is so problamatic...... yikes.