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    Viking Village

    Really nice!
  2. Hello,This is my recent project about a tradional Japanese house.Thanks in advance for your comments 20211114_DSC09371 20211114_DSC09380 20211114_DSC09396 20211114_DSC09391Thierry
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    [MOC] Korean Temple

    Hello, here is my new project, inspired by a part of the famous Pulguksa Temple (South Korea) It is a door on the wall wich run all around a little temple. (This temple is my next project) You will find the album on flickr here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmXbzrJq
  4. Thank you Merci You can notice the door can be opened I've put more photos today on my album on flickr you will find here:
  5. Thank you for all comments. It is my first published work here, it is great to receive your appreciations
  6. Hello, I will follow your advice about flickr after downloading there more photos of this project and of the other project finished. Thank you :)
  7. Hello, and thak you for your comment In this version, i had not worked on interior. The entrance door can be opened that's all. But, i will work may be on a new version with interior. Thank you hello and thank you for comment. The scale is always a big question and in general it takes long time to have the definitive size... I agree that if i want to create a typical japanese street with some houses, it could be complicate Now, i work on some details i want to do better... And i try also to finish my two other projects which are two parts of a typical korean temple. Long work too