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  1. Hello, After some weeks on my other project (Korean Temple), i came back to this project of a Japanese house. Listening some comments, I worked about the interior of the house. Basically, i had to rebuild a great part of the project, because the interior of the first version was just here to make the external walls possible. So, here it is the new version... First level interior: IMG20220507213748 by Teyubi, sur Flickr IMG20220508110029 by Teyubi, sur Flickr IMG20220507213940 by Teyubi, sur Flickr Complete album is here: https://www.flickr.com/gp/134038931@N07/Ew3W15 Second level interior: IMG20220508111006 by Teyubi, sur Flickr IMG20220507214359 by Teyubi, sur Flickr IMG20220508111351 by Teyubi, sur Flickr Complete album is here: https://www.flickr.com/gp/134038931@N07/66ytTy From outside: IMG20220508111628 by Teyubi, sur Flickr IMG20220507215549 by Teyubi, sur Flickr Complete album is here: https://www.flickr.com/gp/134038931@N07/4w9HC3
  2. teyubi

    Viking Village

    Really nice!
  3. teyubi

    [MOC] Korean Temple

    Hello, here is my new project, inspired by a part of the famous Pulguksa Temple (South Korea) It is a door on the wall wich run all around a little temple. (This temple is my next project) You will find the album on flickr here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmXbzrJq
  4. Thank you Merci You can notice the door can be opened I've put more photos today on my album on flickr you will find here:
  5. Thank you for all comments. It is my first published work here, it is great to receive your appreciations
  6. Hello, I will follow your advice about flickr after downloading there more photos of this project and of the other project finished. Thank you :)
  7. Hello, and thak you for your comment In this version, i had not worked on interior. The entrance door can be opened that's all. But, i will work may be on a new version with interior. Thank you hello and thank you for comment. The scale is always a big question and in general it takes long time to have the definitive size... I agree that if i want to create a typical japanese street with some houses, it could be complicate Now, i work on some details i want to do better... And i try also to finish my two other projects which are two parts of a typical korean temple. Long work too
  8. Hello,This is my recent project about a tradional Japanese house.Thanks in advance for your comments 20211114_DSC09371 20211114_DSC09380 20211114_DSC09396 20211114_DSC09391Thierry