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  1. Hello! this is my first post here, and I'm happy to present you an alternative I made a few months ago based on the Fiat 500 : the Citroën 5HP / Trèfle I like to present my creations in three phases: a historical point, why I chose this car and the description of the model. 1/history: I promise this will be quick : ) After the end of the war in 1919, André Citroën stopped the production of bombs and started to produce cars. He mainly follows the methods of Henri Ford for the production of vehicles and becomes the first producer of a mass-produced car in Europe. He first launched the Type A, which gave the company a good start. Three years later, the Citroën Type C was launched. Very similar to the Type A, the Type C was better received due to its price and was produced until 1926 with about 80.000 cars produced. The Citroën Type C had several names during its existence such as 5HP and Trèfle (=cloverleaf). The last one refers to the positioning of the seats on the 3-seater version and this name will be very quickly adopted to define the whole line. Today, the number of enthusiasts of this car remains high and it is not uncommon to see them at gatherings in France. 2/personal history: Although I knew about this car, I didn't necessarily plan to make it very soon. But my father started to tell me about it one day and told me this: He knew an old potter who lived in his village who had a beautiful model (bigger and more luxurious than the one I made) that was left in his garage. He loved this car so much that he frequently went to see this gentleman to admire it, but unfortunately, when he was old enough to buy it, he discovered that someone else had already bought it a week before him. With a story like that, I couldn't pass by this car any more, so I made an alternative on the fiat! 3/the model: this model was made quite quickly (from what i remember) and didn't really express many difficulties. the fiat was really good to make this work, because the yellow colour is very emblematic of the car and i didn't really need much of it to make the bodywork. the most problematic part in terms of availability was the black parts that were used to make the most difficult curves and everything else. I was quite lucky because I quickly found some solid and efficient hooks to represent the rear of the "barquette". I learned a lot from this model which allowed me to build the Vespa 400 and the Messerschmitt KR200 (which I will present here soon!) otherwise technically this model has: -two doors that open -the bonnet can be removed (not the same way as the real one :/) -a detailed body and engine and probably a lot of little things I'm forgetting to mention... Here is a link to my Filkr if you want to have a better look.(and all my models) : and here is a link if you want a Citroën trefle to drive around in your living room! :ën-5hp-trefle/#details thank you for stopping by and appreciating my creation! + I'm going to receive the blue Fiat soon, I'll put some bonus pictures of the blue trefle !
  2. wow! great creations. I also had a project to make trucks, but your creations made me want to do it now! Can't wait to see what happens next!