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  1. Wes Jenkins, one of the original creators of Lego Island is facing some serious financial difficulties right now. He set up a gofundme found here: I know I had many hours of entertainment from Lego Island as a kid and I'm sure many of you all did as well. I'm going to pitch in what I can, hopefully this will inspire some others to do so also. He one of us and I'm sure alot of us have enjoyed his work through the years. Here is an imgur that someone put together with some more info about him. I wasn't sure of the appropriate place to post this, moderators please move if it belongs somewhere else. Also I did a quick search to see if anyone else has posted about this and couldn't find anything, so if there's another post please combine them. Thanks!
  2. Johnny 5

    ingenious theft of sets Here's the LA Times article. I find it funny how they can't understand why someone would need so much Lego, c'mon you can never have enough Lego. They've obviously do not know what an AFOL is.
  3. Johnny 5

    Black Moat Castle WIP

    This is very impressive so far. though I would love to see some detal of the structural setup of the towers.
  4. Johnny 5

    MOC : A manor

    This is really excellent. I love the amazing detail on the building and the surrounding landscape. Great job. How did you get the building to be at an angle relative to the base?
  5. Johnny 5

    WIP modular castle

    Oh wow, I haven't been on in weeks and I came by to look specifically for this thread to show my friend who is coming out of the dark ages. Thought I was going to have do an extensive search for it, but lo and behold I click on the Historical forum and its on the first page, I'm pretty sure that was providence. Anyway, great job Teddy. It's been awhile since I've seen this castle and you've made some fantastic improvements. I especially like the back keep you've changed. I'm now even more sure this is the first creation he needs to see coming out of those dark dreary years.
  6. Johnny 5

    Lego Universe beta testers

    I'm a beta tester, though I barely finished the sign-up process today so I haven't had an opportunity to play yet.
  7. Johnny 5

    Dimensions of Lego elements?

    Thanks for all your replies guys. When I went and ordered it the lady looked at me like I was crazy. It will be my groom's cake for my wedding, Ill post pics of it after the wedding.
  8. Johnny 5

    Dimensions of Lego elements?

    I need to know the proportions of a 2x4 regular brick. For example if I was making a grooms cake for 30-50 people and I wanted to make it proportional to the actual brick what are the dimensions I need to do the math?
  9. I just saw it twice during today's Cowboys/Chargers game. Did anyone else see it? It has a father and son building a very large house together with all sorts of things on it such as a windmill and a turret. I thought it was interesting to see a commercial from them that doesn't feature a particular set, first I've seen in a long time. Does this indicate more of a mainstream advertising presence for Lego? I'll search for the video and see if I can find a link. Edit:
  10. Johnny 5

    New Lego Commercial?

    Exactly, this commercial works on so many levels because it deals with using your imagination and not following "rules" when building, also a child and parent playing together is an added bonus. Do you maybe have a link for that Duplo commercial?
  11. Johnny 5

    New Lego Commercial?

    That was an amazing commercial! I saw it while I was searching for the current one. I think the one their showing now is great in that it really shows the true spirit of Lego and that they still have that in mind as a company. Especially since some questions have been raised concerning the departure from classic Lego themes and a focus on licensed themes with some articles about Lego in the mainstream media.
  12. Johnny 5

    New Lego Commercial?

    How far back did you start seeing it?
  13. Johnny 5

    Pictures from Lego Catalog 2010

    I love the creator house, and will pick up several impulses. Also cant wait for the Toy Story sets to come out.
  14. Johnny 5

    32 x 32 blue base plates

    I saw one in a large stack of grays a good while back at the LEGO store in Houston
  15. This is right and proper, Bionicle needs a grand sendoff, and as a non-Bionicle fan I'd still buy the last hurray.
  16. Johnny 5

    Black Friday 2009 discussion thread

    Yeah no sale on LEGO at Wal-Mart this year. Here is the link. Kinda sucks I was hoping for a good deal this year, last year I picked up three King Castle Sieges for $150 which was awesome. Guess Ill be at Target this year.
  17. Johnny 5

    Modular Building 10211 Grand Emporium

    I thought SAH used UPS in the US, at least they do down here in Texas. But I had the same problem with my Eiffel Tower. What can brown do for you? Crush your LEGO setbox, that's what.
  18. I definitely want this and don't want to have to pay outrageous shipping to get this. Sign me up!
  19. Johnny 5

    How much do you want elves?

    We can't rule anything out at this point for next year. If the representatives were denying the Pirate line a mere 6 months before they were due out we can safely assume that we're not getting the whole truth from Steve Witt. Hell, we might not see any more Castle sets till next summer plenty of time to justify a blunt denial.
  20. Johnny 5

    Batman prices going through the roof?

    Did the license run out or did TLG just choose not to produce any sets this year?
  21. Johnny 5

    Suggestions & Membership

    This reminds me of the Starwars4j controversy. At least all the staff is united in this issue so half of them wont run away and start a new forum. We have had issues in the past with the staff being a bit too (how do I say this) eager to jump the gun? Maybe this has to do with the fact that most of our staff comes from a LEGO background and not an online moderating background, they kind of had to learn as they go. I personally haven't really had a problem but I can see where people are coming from.
  22. Johnny 5

    Let there be LED

    Minfigs that have light up feet? I don't get that either. Guess I'll have to see it. The other parts sound pretty interesting though.
  23. Johnny 5

    How much do you want elves?

    I think that there might have been a smaller degree of denial in that situation. I'll check the thread to make sure... Edit: Nevermind, looks like there was the same type of denial going on not too long before we saw the preliminary list of set names... Notice the date...
  24. Johnny 5

    Castle sets 2008/2009

    How do you know that?
  25. Johnny 5

    How much do you want elves?

    What I'm confused about is why Steve Witt was so blunt about the fact that there are no elves forthcoming, usually with corporations its maybe, maybe not, but straight up no? Is there a different official statement that says this? I didn't get "never will be" from what Steve Witt said. Edit: In the thread that got closed I mentioned that TLG would be crazy to ignore the excitement that is brewing over elves in all the different forums that discuss castle. I still think that. And its such a natural progression, c'mon we already have dwarfs and orcs, what do they have against the fair folk?