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  1. Hello Firstly I hope I am in the correct section to ask a question which is :- I have built the Volvo 6x6, Merc 4x4 and the Cat D Excavator but they do not move as fast as I would like , can anyone advise me if Lego or any other affiliated company sell more powerful motors in order that I can replace the present ones. I realise it means dismantling and a rebuild Thanx in anticipation for your answers Regards
  2. Hello Can anyone advise me as to how long it takes to configure a lego 42131 Cat D it seems to go on forever Thank you in anticipation for your cooperation
  3. Hello (Yet again) I am having trouble getting past the tutorial once I have configured and gone through the tutorial section. The driving screen shows for about 2 seconds prior to the tutorial screen appearing, then I cannot get to the next stage. I have iphone 11 with version Ios15.2 installed and with 100% power. Any advice would be much appreciated. Also again thanx to all those who answered my last 2 questions Regards
  4. Hello As a newby can anybody please advise me which the 4 leads attach to the battery pack as the pack shows ABCD but no indications on each lead. Also in the instruction book I cannot find any info. Thanx in anticipation for any assistance
  5. Hello Thank you to all those who replied to my query. Happy New Year and keep safe & well to all members
  6. Hello Thank you for your replies very much appreciated
  7. Hello Season greetings to all members and thank you to those that answered my last query. As I have said before I am a Complete Newby to lego and now I have another problem in that after configuring the model successfully ( it did move forward during the configuring ) when It came to the learning to drive it just kept on revering and would not move an inch I have checked the gears and they seem ok to the instructions . Any advice would be greatly appreciated Regards Don Ruston (Rusty 453)
  8. Hello thank you for the replies but as a Newbury with no experience what and where are the differentials ??
  9. This is my 1st time @ Lego I am still on bag 1 of the Volvo 6x6 I placed all the items into separate IKEA small sealable bags and worked from there using the instructions I downloaded on to my Apple Mac that way I can drag the pics to a full size screen
  10. Hello This is my 1st post and also new to Lego. I purchased 42114 Volvo 6x6 Volvo thru Amazon got to 3/4 way thru of bundle No1 of the pieces when I ran out of the grey gear cogs I found there were 2 missing. I explained this to Amazon chat they said we will replace the WHOLE UNIT & return the original which I have done. My question is do I count all the pieces before I start bearing in mind there are 2193 pieces. Any help would be appreciated
  11. Hello Thank you In addition I have just received from Amazon a replacement full kit and when I counted the (4640536) gear cogs I found that the manifest quoted 17 yet only 15 in the bag numbered 1 I am going to contact Lego to try and sort it out Thanx for your reply