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  1. Hey Folks, the engine has reached more than 3000 votes, don't stop supporting! At the moment i am working on some changes , there will be the kink at the deflectors and the Option for smaller Witte-deflectors. I think at the end of march, it will be done!
  2. And Look at the Tender, so many details, but these two models are very different, mine is scale and Simon's is more brick-like. And my one uses the more simple boiler of the 52class. But the most Importamt topic: thank you!
  3. At the moment, i am working at an update for the loco. In future,there will be different options, to build the Modell: A: small deflectors/big deflectors B: tender with/without cabin I think, everything will be ready till the end of march, then the update goes online.
  4. That's a good view, but nevertheless i think, it'll be also a good Idea, to make an Update with the Option of different deflectors! But the Most Importamt thing is, to support...
  5. We need all of you, don't forget to support !
  6. Perhaps, i'll make an update with both deflector types optional and some new Details. To change the deflectores is the easiest thing. This one is the 50 2487, the only post-war 50 with tall deflectores, BR 52 boiler and the famous cabin tender. But after war, it was impossible to find two identically looking BR 50ies.
  7. Many train builders don't build the big deflectores, they are difficulty to build as thin as possible and with the 45° angle, but i needed the challenge. The cab tender and the boiler Rings were also tricky to build. But in the end, it was fun!
  8. Railtobi

    LEGO Trains 2022

    This is another submission, perhaps this is the chance to get a new loco: The BR 50 Please support!!!!
  9. Thank you, garmsey, please also show it to your Friends.
  10. Many thanks, i've tried some new techniques, for example at the boiler Rings or the foot Bars at the bottom of the loco cabin.
  11. Thank you very much...... It is the 10th loco
  12. Thank you all vor your lovely comments. And always remember, this is perhaps a chance, to get the first Lego Ideas locomotive, so please support my project and show it to your families and friends, too! Tobi
  13. Dear Lego fans, dear railway enthusiasts, first of all I would like to introduce myself, my name is Tobi, I am 44 years old and I live at the town of Altena in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. Since 2010, the Lego virus has infected me again. My main interest lies in the subject of railways, whereby I mainly build steam locomotives! Today I would like to introduce you to my latest model, the German BR 50 with cabin tender. My version has a BR 52 boiler, large smoke deflectors and of course the great cabin tender. The BR 50 was used in this form in post-war Germany. Due to its maximum speed of 80km/h, the locomotive was used both in freight train service and in passenger train service. My model consists of about 2000 parts, I have tried to include as many details as possible, such as the boiler rings, pipes, cylinders and much more. The model has a length of about 66 studs. Two Lego train engines can be installed into the tender, but actually the model is more intended as a display model. If you like the locomotive, I am of course happy about a support and a comment at Lego Ideas. The German BR 50 with Cab Tender Many greetings, yours Tobi