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    Hazelrigg, Newcastle, England, Earth.
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    i love bees.<br />i love needles (i have diabetes duh [seriously i do])<br />LEGO<br />stargate


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  1. steelharbingerofdeath


    Well I wasn't sure where to put this and here seems appropriate (read: culture) So I hereby present my GCSE art final piece, completed in the 10 hour exam, then snuck home and framed: Note, clicking all sizes on flickr will help you pick out the details. C+C welcome. Thanks for looking. Jamie.
  2. steelharbingerofdeath

    Patriot APC

    There is a Red Faction Guerrilla artbook? I need a copy! Thanks. Steel...
  3. steelharbingerofdeath

    Patriot APC

    hanks, and you know, the EDF APC was the inspiration for this ;)
  4. steelharbingerofdeath

    Terminator HK drone

    Well, I went to see Salvation the other day, great film (also I <3 Sam Worthington). And after seeing Shannon's picture here: I was inspired to start. Obviously, I couldn't do a completely accurate version (in fact, this was a mashup of the origonal HK from Terminator 1 + 2, the ones from salvation and some ideas from the artbook), but I think it does the films justice. More pictures are in the Photoset. C+C welcome. Thanks, Steel...
  5. steelharbingerofdeath

    Patriot APC

    The <b>Patriot APC</b> is designed and manufactured by the Amaruko Corporation exclusively for the Commonwealth. America and China lost out in the bidding for the contract due to the conflict in Antarctica. Britain however, managed to convince the corporation to supply only them. Patriot APC Specifications: Powerplant: Petro-chemical mark 6 Operational range: 450 miles Top speed: 60mph (on road) 40mph (off road) Armament: Pintle optional smoke grenade launchers optional mortar Crew Capacity: Driver Gunner 6 infantrymen or 1 remote weapons platform and 2 operators. More here: C+C welcome. Steel...
  6. steelharbingerofdeath

    Leviathan MBT

    ^the carpet is quite thick, and the feet sunk in, giving it some friction, otherwise yes it would be too weak and fall over. As i said it's a work in progress so more legs are coming. Thanks. Steel...
  7. steelharbingerofdeath

    Leviathan MBT

    More here. C+C welcome. Steel...
  8. steelharbingerofdeath

    Commonwealth Empire 'Vulture' gunship

    More future military. The modern succesor to the helicopter. with it's two lift turbines and jet engines, the Vulture is a swift craft. Often deployed in military combat, it's relatively short length and VTOL capabilities allow it to navigate tight city streets and narrow canyons alike. Generally armed with a heavy machine gun the Vulture is designed to decimate troop formations. However it has low armour and is suceptible to missile attacks. All credit to Chuck Citrin for his marvellous hornet. It's cockpit being the basis for mine. More here. C+C welcome. Thanks. Steel...
  9. steelharbingerofdeath

    APC and IFV

    Thanks! the interior is nothing special, i.e it's just the bottom of plates used in the snot walls.
  10. steelharbingerofdeath

    APC and IFV

    Stalker IFV APC C+C welcome. More here Steel...
  11. steelharbingerofdeath

    SHIP WIP Halcyon

    Update. more: Steel...
  12. steelharbingerofdeath

    SHIP WIP Halcyon

    Concept art: Here you go, this is my current train of thought. It certainly has changed since the origional drawing 4 years ago, what was i thinking back then... nacelles... five floors... well this version is as i said my current idea. Steel...
  13. steelharbingerofdeath

    SHIP WIP Halcyon

    Thanks all for the replies, Suvie D you are entitled to your opinion, i disagree with it but i won't dispute it. Steel... ps: i wonder if i will get a title when i finish this...
  14. steelharbingerofdeath

    SHIP WIP Halcyon

    Anyone else have an opinion of it so far? I had hoped to get a few more responses steel...
  15. steelharbingerofdeath

    SHIP WIP Halcyon

    More photos here: C+C welcome. Steel...