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  1. It's amazing how one man's creativity and imagination have brought so much joy and happiness to millions of people all over the world. Reading about Jens' passing brought back some recent memories for me. My uncle passed away just today, and I've been browsing the internet for some information about death, life after death, and funerals. It's a tough time, but reading about Jens' life and legacy has given me some comfort. I found some interesting memorial bench inscription ideas that might be useful for anyone looking for ways to remember their loved ones. It's amazing how much impact a few simple words can have.
  2. Hey there! I just stumbled across your Lego stop motion trailer and OMG, what you turned this game into is amazing! I love the Halloween meets "Dating Game" concept. Great job!Speaking of dating, have you checked out any rating websites for serious relationships? I recently discovered this cool video chat platform called UaDreams that has a great reputation for helping people find their perfect match. Maybe it could be helpful for you or someone you know! Here's the link if you want to check it out: https://www.uadreams.com/videochat/Thanks for sharing your awesome trailer!
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    LEGO job opportunity wanted

    I'd love to see your project, guys. Could you write me on PM?
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    Interchangeable Hat Wig

    Great made. It reminds me of the famous scene from the first movie of pirates. In fact, I'd like to get such a hat in reality but the proposed hats on amazon or eBay are not worthy. The quality of their hats is poor, and that's the problem. I probably should try to make it on my own but I'm not skillful enough for that. Maybe I'm gonna find some private hatmakers because I usually saw on the platforms like https://headwearhut.com/collections/custom-5-panel-hats the custom hats of a different kind. People really make hats and sell them on platforms like that. Hopefully, someday I'm gonna find what I need.