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  1. Lady Bone Demon


    Oh wow, this looks amazing!
  2. Lady Bone Demon

    Ongoing Transformers Rumors and Discussion

    they do like one a year is my guess if this isnt just a one-off. i just dont really know how this partnership works at all, logistically in either company's favor. like according to the tfw2005 forums, and ill just copy and paste the quote from apollux here, the transformers team has done research into this specific thing before: maybe it's because it'll be an adult 18+ set thats way out of a average kid's price range maybe it's fine in this particular instance? im really curious on the technical aspects of this deal.
  3. Lady Bone Demon

    LEGO Videogame Tie-Ins - Rumors & Discussion

    the overwatch thread, as i gathered, basically turned into videogame tie-ins and rumors and nobody thought to just make it a separate thread it's not like we're gonna get much more on the theme with the only set that was in production now delayed indefinitely
  4. Lady Bone Demon

    Ongoing Transformers Rumors and Discussion

    if this tech is actually real and they figured it out, i think the monkie kid sets in 2023 are going to be lit and the ninjago imitator set in 2024 will probably be the only thing i buy from that wave ;)
  5. Lady Bone Demon

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2022

    City of Lanterns finally moved to warehouse as opposed to waiting for new stock 🙏
  6. Lady Bone Demon

    Ongoing Transformers Rumors and Discussion

    again what do i have to lose if im just a tad skeptical of hasbro and lego partnering for a lego optimus prime? like the collab is unprecedented at this moment in time. im aware the rumor is out there, but its not like lego does surprise drops of big products like leaks like this would really be useful to know for future spending. and either way im aware of the rumor... i dont know! lol its not like one person is going to undermine promobricks' reputation if theyre just skeptical in a forum online.
  7. Lady Bone Demon

    Ongoing Transformers Rumors and Discussion

    I don't think it's wrong to be a little skeptical at this point, like what do I have to lose lol
  8. Lady Bone Demon

    New themes in 2022?

    ill keep buying up monkie kid as long as they keep producing new sets for sure. easily my favorite theme since i got back into lego by a looong shot. i dont know if next theme will be a space theme, it kind of feels like theyre making space merch and nods because its classic lego and one of the first things that come to mind when you think of lego icons.
  9. Lady Bone Demon

    REVIEW: 80034 Nezha's Fire Ring

    Yeah not sure you built that correctly or you're assuming wrong. It has wheels inside for a reason- that reason is so it can do exactly what you asked it to do. I have built this set and it does this and it's really cool. This set is pretty good. The side builds are def going to be hit or miss with people- if they had made this for a western market, I know that they would have probably split up at least half of this set for two sets in total, but when I tried to justify the price to myself I thought I got a good value. Just a hard thing to swallow going in because the three builds are so different and they all more or less use an equal amount of pieces... The fire ring build is the highlight but of course as someone who has White Bone Demon as their favorite set the throne was what I needed to click the trigger on this. It's an excellent supplement to displaying that massive monster build IMO.
  10. Lady Bone Demon

    Ongoing Transformers Rumors and Discussion

    This sounds kind of like fake leak fodder. Not sure who really benefits from this partnership and also the transformation detail sounds really suspect. Ill eat my words if I'm wrong but fake leaks are a dime a dozen these days.
  11. Lady Bone Demon

    Minidolls... Action Themes Ideas

    Ive always hated people who dismiss minidolls and this is a great writeup on how cleverly they were designed and how they accomplish stuff that minifigures can't. You almost never see Minifigures with skirts and if you do it is a cape material or a print which never looks particularly great. It's just another subsystem for characters.
  12. Lady Bone Demon

    Minidolls... Action Themes Ideas

    Knights of Valor being fake bums me out... should have seen it coming given his track record but I was actually excited for a new original minidoll theme.
  13. Lady Bone Demon

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    That horse price is insane, are they like trying to deter people from buying them or something?
  14. Lady Bone Demon

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2022

    Anyone backorder the City of Lanterns? They said it would be shipping by the 27th of January but mine still says it's awaiting new stock. I don't think I've ever really backordered a set so I don't know if I should call LEGO to see what's up or if it's just that they still don't have a ton of stock and are still going through the backlog of orders for it. Aside from Mei's Dragon Car this is pretty much the only set from this 2022 wave I don't have.