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  1. Lady Bone Demon

    Overwatch - Rumors & Discussion

    Right? Has that ever happened before? Did they get permission or was it already seen as fairly generic to use? I have so many questions.
  2. Lady Bone Demon

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2022

    The polybag appears to no longer be active for Lego shop at home for the US. Dunno if it's a stock thing or even it's the case across stores in the country, but if you order anything online right now there aren't any active promos.
  3. Lady Bone Demon

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    they wouldnt be compelled to hide everything if we didn't live in like a cultural zeitgeist right now where showing the main character renders on the Dr. Strange LEGO set is spoilers for some people. Like, I don't know how you don't think it's actually a much wider issue that major releases like Spider-Man can't have merch that has anything to do with the movie until well after the film is relevant. are we just suddenly ignoring how good Raimi's first two Spider-Man films and Into the Spiderverse are? The Venom films are goofy fun imo... almost like it's a bit subjective sometimes. Not that it's at all relevant to the conversation about spoiler culture ruining merch for movies. The prices for all the Raimi LEGO stuff has skyrocketed in price and there's no good way to get any of the relevant stuff from the new movie right now without paying through the nose for it. It's ridiculous that we have to wait until the summer at the earliest. Pretty much every Spider-Man set they released under the No Way Home branding is just a confused mess of recreating a scene from a previous movie but lumping an new suit and build sometimes to the set that is No Way Home themed. Easiest way to go about it would have been in that Sanctum Sanctorum set where they just straight up made stuff up but included the relevant characters but since the characters that the whole movie is based around for some reason were thought to be spoilers, we don't get them, I guess!
  4. Lady Bone Demon

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    really does suck that spoilerphobic culture ruined no way home merch. like we're going to have wait so long for any of the stuff we actually want to hit shelves, if ever. i would have been rather spoiled by a lego leak than the current situation which is just looking... bleak.
  5. Lady Bone Demon

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2022

    Nezha's Fire Ring, Evil Macaque's Mech, and Moon Cake Factory are all really excellent sets. Just finished up those three today. The Nezha Fire Ring construction with the inner wheel running across the curved track piece build they set up is ingenious and works fairly well- and I'm surprised how well it's weighted. You could roll it pretty easily but its also weighted in a way where displaying it wouldn't really be a big issue. Evil Macaque's Mech feels like a budget version of the Monkey King Warrior Mech in a lot of ways, but this is not necessarily a bad thing- out of all the giant mechs they released this is easily one of the weakest ones and one without any kind of gimmick but I also feel like aesthetically it's going for something and hits it pretty well. Finally, the Moon Cake Factory is just a incredible take on a classic Space-feeling set with the transparent bubble windows and vehicles and it's really fun. Aesthetically throughout the whole build this thing goes strong where as a lot of LEGO sets tend to be ugly during construction, using a variety of rainbow building techniques. Not the case here- the designer for this one managed to find a color scheme that can incorporate a lot of colors without being overwhelming or out of step with the theme and that works well with the construction. Nezha's Fire Ring I think ultimately does justify it's price, but it was a hard one to sit with originally for me. I thought the throne build and fire ring were strong builds but I didn't feel myself too sold on the speeder bike Macaque uses in this until I built it- in which case it made more of a case for itself. It has a sleek and edgy design that wouldn't feel too out of place in Star Wars but it has enough of the crazy over the top nature I enjoy greatly from Monkey Kid's vehicle design. The throne build is fantastic- I love how lopsided the steps are, the mini dungeon under the throne, just how the bones are placed to give that throne a really grand feel- Lady Bone Demon really is 2 for 2 with her builds so far and it makes me excited about potential future appearances. Can't wait to get to City of Lanterns and the other sets of this wave still.
  6. Lady Bone Demon

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2022

    man if these are real... hoooh. obviously i would be the most excited for white bone castle but bull family palace seems just as interesting. im gathering a lot of that monkey kid polybag so far and being able to place that future skeleton army in the white bone castle sounds like a intriguing prospect to say the least... that being said we dont seem to get leaks for this theme very often so im kind of doubting it on that front. that and there's no other source than this post so far. i want it to be real though.
  7. Lady Bone Demon

    LEGO Ninjago 2022

    I really hope the crystal king means that somehow power miners stuff is getting wrapped in lol It's lego's 90th anniversary every line should be allowed to celebrate lego's history in their own fun unique way this year i hope
  8. Lady Bone Demon

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2022

    Really disappointed to learn that the smaller Lego stores aren't getting Monkie Kid sets. Like I dunno what's going on with LEGO's strategy with this theme- it's such a weird half-measure. Like yes, these sets aren't designed for a western market, but there's gotta be a better way to do things than how they've been recently. The fact they can't reserve even a little space is bizarre and really speaks to a lack of greater confidence with the theme. Like I'm glad we're getting them at ALL, to be clear, but the fact it's such a hassle is annoying. At least I got that sweet polybag. It's an incredible polybag- the pieces you get with is insane for a little bag. Two skeletons with swords! Golden ingot pieces in that really good lacquered gold color! Three teal coral pieces! A whole chest and two crabs! Like they didn't need to go this hard but I appreciate it. I ordered some of this current wave off but I was really hoping to get City of Lanterns today. Ah well. I knew I shouldn't have waited until the tenth.
  9. Lady Bone Demon

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Did anyone else have a duplicate bag for the Marvel Advent Calendar? Instead of Day 24's Infinity Gauntlet, I got another Day 15 Captain Marvel.
  10. Lady Bone Demon

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2022

    What is juniors-ized; about it? The fact they have openings in the back?
  11. Lady Bone Demon

    This is why Ninjago should end

    Let's go over all your counter points: Your argument is lazily constructed. It doesn't use any data, sources, and it spits in the face of the actual reality of what is going on with the brand in favor of your opinion of it- which I will just be frank with you: you are no longer the target audience. The article itself sure was written and consumed your time, but I would hardly it call "niche" as Ninjago is a huge brand. Lazily-constructed =/= lazy in terms of the overall energy you did to produce the work, but it is not super well thought out in the slightest. You claim people are tired with the theme but then call it a cash cow with an audience of young people? Like, who do you think Ninjago is for? It's clear you know, but as opposed to realizing this in the text, you seem to think corporations can just create soulless product that brings in a ton of cash? That's not how anything works, even on an abstract paper level. You claim we would have come to the same conclusion. I don't see how? You didn't read your own article? "As much as I admire this achievement, I think it is about time we incorporate the resources given to Ninjago into other themes. If just a decent TV Series was all it took to turn a generally half-baked concept into LEGO’s most successful original theme, then just imagine what we could be getting if LEGO came up with a much more unique concept, such as Bionicle, and gave it an actual, legitimately great TV Series. Imagine what the result could be." This is something YOU wrote. This was my counter argument: "There's no reason to push so much (more?) money into a singular original new theme while what works so well also continues to do very well." "How are themes like Monkie Kid, Hidden Side, Nexo Knights, Chima, and other recent original themes like Vidiyo not getting everything possible they need to succeed? This one actually puzzles me. They all are multimedia projects and serious money is being put into the animated series or app they launch with. I just don't agree with this take, period. I just don't think any of these themes hit with consumers despite the LEGO group's best efforts. There may have been intentional sabotage on Bionicle G2 for all I know, but that was over a decade ago and doesn't seem relevant to how recent themes are being treated." I directly disagree with the main end point here because as far as I am concerned, this is already happening to the degree it is reasonable. LEGO has been trying a LOT to create new themes that either were meant to be direct successors to Ninjago or alongside them and I guess they don't really hit with consumers, because they are retired fairly early into their runs. Huh, sure seems stupid to keep dumping money into a strategy that doesn't work- but what if we poured even MORE money into it? Do we even know what kind of budget the Ninjago team has to work with? I do not believe it can be any more significant than any other original theme year to year- this imagined inflated production cost does not seem to reflect on the sets at all which introduce about the same amount of molds, prints, and new colors as any other LEGO theme. They are not any more expensive. The only thing that could be adding to production cost would be the show, but that also is entirely different subject and material and again, how would it be any different cost-wise than doing an app or a show? "But, sadly, as long as Ninjago continues to make money, we probably won’t be seeing LEGO allocate any proper resources to new big ideas. Because, like most corporations do those days, their goal isn’t to make quality storytelling, but to engineer a money-making franchise." Again, this point at the end, I DO NOT AGREE WITH! The idea the old days were so great because new ideas were being produced all the time is such an rose-tinted idea of what was going on with LEGO back then. Not only did a lot of these themes not require the kind of multi-media approach that would be needed for today's themes and sets to really take off, but also they really didn't run as long either. No original theme has run as long as Ninjago, and it's not because they're doing so to spite the people that like LEGO's other original themes- they tried to end it if you don't remember, and in it's place was supposed to be Chima. Chima was not a success. It makes a lot more sense to focus efforts on a successor series as Ninjago is still continuing to make money and not outright end it with a plan that might not even work out. Which, I don't know if you think this is what is happening or not, but it is. Each time you introduce a new theme, retail has to make sense of it and where it goes on the shelf for prospective consumers to buy. This strategy made a lot more sense when LEGO was a smaller company, but now that they have consistent themes like City, Ninjago, Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc, and that LEGO fans seem primarily interested in them teaming up with other brands- it no longer makes sense to introduce a fully new line when it can instead be integrated into a older one that already has a set audience for it. Again, what grand point do you think are making with this article that is compatible with my view that the way things are is fine, you just grew out of the series? That LEGO doesn't really have to produce wholly new original themes? We don't have the same conclusion as much as you insist we do. And as for the website... you WROTE an article for it. You are part of that brand. Whoever this other guy is, I don't really care, but it is clearly that whatever content is going to be on the site is going to have a negative slant regardless of how much sense it makes. Which again, I don't think there is anything wrong with criticizing LEGO as a company, but I think the points laid out here don't make any sense for LEGO making something for a target audience of 6-12 boys and succeeding in doing so. It seems to reflect a larger attitude that you do not personally like where LEGO is going in that direction, and so I suggest that maybe this hobby just isn't for you anymore. You seem to take issue with that but again, the criticism is leveled at LEGO succeeding in a way you don't like and you want their strategy to change seemingly to fit your own whims. Which... again, is not criticism that makes sense with a company that wants to make money. There are many criticisms you can level at LEGO that make sense, namely: Monkie Kid, while being produced for a Chinese audience primarily, would have probably done a lot better if they were willing to create western SKUs that were more reasonably priced and advertised properly, instead of just dumping the show and sets on Amazon and keeping the sets locked to which has had multiple stock issues over the past couple years. The lack of a bigger strategy for such a good theme is reflected in how now LEGO in parts of the world are now not stocking these sets. We are not the primary audience, but a more world-wide strategy that tailored around the western tastes of sets is not something impossible to do. Maybe it would have taken up more resources and this is why they didn't split some of these sets up to make them more affordable, but overall it really speaks to a lack of confidence in the theme that it has been handled in the way it has. The complete destruction of the Technic sub-systems introduced for Bionicle and Hero Factory now mean they either need to remake the molds or build a whole new system over the course of years if they ever plan to reboot Bionicle. There is a huge nostalgia for Bionicle that they are completely failing to capture and part of it has to do with just the fact they are no longer producing the means of which would allow them to do so. Continuing to use J.K Rowling's work to create sets is still supporting her transphobia, even if it is distant and more connected with Warner Bros. This one I have an active problem with, and very little of the LEGO community seems to really put this at mind, but JK Rowling will still profit off LEGO Harry Potter in some way as long as they keep producing them and people keep buying them. As a trans person myself, if I find any of them interesting, I would have to go to a third party seller for the best chance to not contribute to JK Rowling's wealth in order to harm trans people. I really don't get this insistence that they remove themselves from what works in regards to original IP. It seems to ignore how these get made, who the target audience is, and weirdly, how still successful it is.
  12. Lady Bone Demon

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2021

    The many shout outs to old LEGO in City of Lanterns (especially weirder parts of LEGO history like ZNAP and the old mascot) are delightful. Didn't think it was possible to love this theme more than I already did.
  13. Lady Bone Demon

    This is why Ninjago should end

    This is such a lazily constructed argument, I'm impressed that this is a still-standing topic given it's self-promotion but also that people seem to think it has a point? Which, I just don't think is true, in the slightest. The main takeaway from this, that actually seems to be the thesis beyond "Ninjago is bad because it hasn't had meaningful character progression in years" (which is NOT a bug, it's a feature- literally any long-running program like this has to be like this otherwise it doesn't draw in new viewers and old viewers drop off) and "the sets confuse me because they swap aesthetics so often" (which again... I don't even like Ninjago but like that's not a bug, that's just literally what makes the theme appealing for outsiders like me)- is that Ninjago sucks the life out of potential new IP and the main reason new IP isn't succeeding is because they don't put the same kind of budget behind it. First off, there's a couple issues with this theory: There's no reason to push so much (more?) money into a singular original new theme while what works so well also continues to do very well. How are themes like Monkie Kid, Hidden Side, Nexo Knights, Chima, and other recent original themes like Vidiyo not getting everything possible they need to succeed? This one actually puzzles me. They all are multimedia projects and serious money is being put into the animated series or app they launch with. I just don't agree with this take, period. I just don't think any of these themes hit with consumers despite the LEGO group's best efforts. There may have been intentional sabotage on Bionicle G2 for all I know, but that was over a decade ago and doesn't seem relevant to how recent themes are being treated. It doesn't really make sense as a strategy to create new themes over and over like the past. It's a lot easier to integrate that with the Ninjago universe or another existing theme that has a broader reach so that you have a name consumers recognize. The article ignores the idea that corporations need to make money, which I'll just be honest with you- they do. Nobody does a job solely out of the passion of their heart and LEGO is such a big enough brand that people can want different things out of it. The proposal to "end" Ninjago can't happen as long as it makes money. Consumers will have lost interest long before that point, but evidentially they haven't, so like, what is the point in changing a winning strategy? has had it's fair share of stock issues but this can't be the only thing we can attribute to 80% of that website being sold out well before it's Black Friday started. For those not in the know, selling product at full price like that is actually a sign of success. This entire website, as I look around, is predicated off this very outdated idea of angry, unfocused criticism that was popular in the early 2010s that fails to look at why things are the way they are or why they should change or even if they should necessarily. It's in the banner header, even, this idea that is the Angry Brick Maniac. Which, I have to say, if it really angers you that much that you have to make it your entire identity, just stop buying LEGO entirely. It's clearly not a hobby you have much love for with how it's going.
  14. Lady Bone Demon

    REVIEW | 80028 The Bone Demon

    My favorite set (so far)- I mean that comes as no surprise given my username, but it's such an absurdly good set. I love the elements of deconstruction, reconstruction, glow in the dark, the sheer size of the thing... it really feels like a massive undertaking with the side builds that pepper it even when everything is combined together. Just a massive feat in engineering from Lego.
  15. Lady Bone Demon

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2022

    I kind of want to get this whole wave. Literally every set is a banger.