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  1. Are you also going to support the HiTechnic NXT/EV3 sensors? I have a lot of them and would love to use them with the Spike Hub. I guess there are quite a few people out there who still have some HiTechnic stuff on the shelves. Or provide some kind of SDK where support of additional sensors can be added to the firmware.
  2. I just stumbled over this link: Looks like Lego is going to develop a unified firmware called Play OS which I would highly appreciate. It will hopefully support the current Powered Up devices / hubs. The development of Play OS might also be the reason why there hasn‘t been an update released for the Powered Up app for quite some time. There are still quite a view promised features not released yet (VM, support for large hub, …). Does anyone know more about it?
  3. Impressive bot! Any chance you could post the source code for the raspberry where it is sending commands to the hub? Thank you very much!
  4. Hello, I am looking for a new or used HiTechnic Force Sensor ( If anybody has one to sell, please contact me. I would be happy to find one.{"iconly":0} thank you very much! Philipp