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    Southern Pacific in LEGO ...

    When I tried to attach a photo the forum software says I can only post attachments of zero K but this is what I am referring to: UPDATE: apparently I can now post image URLs that will show up awesome! Thx!
  2. Gordon Werner

    Southern Pacific in LEGO ...

    QQ folks ... I would like to make a Southern Pacific GP38 or 40 ... do I use Dark Bluish Gray for the body color? what about the red on the nose? will LEGO's red work? or is it too bright? thx G.
  3. Gordon Werner

    LEGO Trains 2022

    eek! looks like its gonna tip over! (nicely done tho ...) ツ
  4. thx ... haven't been able to keep track of who is making what and when anymore ...
  5. @michaelgale any chance that you could offer metal wheelsets so that train cars could pick up power for lighting / to power an M/L/XL style motor from the track?
  6. Gordon Werner

    Trixbrix R56 curves injection molded recommendation

    I am a big fan of the ramp. https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?id=178919#T=C&C=85
  7. Gordon Werner

    MOC: 8-Wide Maersk Train

    Has anyone made a model of the ATSF style MAERSK SDP40F? Or the GP60M?
  8. Gordon Werner

    My new book! Building LEGO Trains Vol 1

    I thought “7 LEGO Train Projects” was a good book ... I’ll have to get this one too ツ
  9. Gordon Werner

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Just imagine what a Big Boy would look like, 6 wide — negotiating R40 curves
  10. Gordon Werner

    Burlington Northern GP40-2 Complete Model

    Was just curious as I didn’t realize that these were different versions. Luckily mine say v2 on them. You our are correct about brick and buwizz tho
  11. hah ... what a beast! story behind it reminds me of the Fontaine Locomotive ... was supposed to run faster using that top wheel ... but it did not. Currently building one in Lego (Well still at the finding/ordering parts stage) https://locomotive.fandom.com/wiki/Fontaine_4-4-0
  12. Gordon Werner

    Burlington Northern GP40-2 Complete Model

    how can you tell which IR Receiver you have? are you going to release instructions? I know someone who is looking for plans