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  1. thank you for your help,the rails from the police station are red and they called BALUSTRADE 1X8X2
  2. im after several parts as I will be building mocs thats why I may need unlimited. flowerheads and rails from police station 7498 along with black door shutter from garage-lamella
  3. where can I buy lego pieces that are discountinued(unlinited quantity) and that are new i.e parts-missing bricks or broken brickes not buy replacement bricks can I buy them directly for lego under replacment parts-under missing bricks or broken brickes not buy replacement bricks
  4. on the Lego bricks and pieces section why are some parts listed when they are discontinued(their also out of stock and cannot be restocked apparently)
  5. fiachrab

    making original Lego parts exactly the same

    HI there how could I make original Lego parts(even parts that are discontinued) with official Lego trademarks and logos etc,would I need permissions and rights etc to do this and then sell them online(eBay, brick link, brick owl) without any problems or issues
  6. can I or some other company reproduce old parts that are discontinued that is exactly same as original by using injection molding and maybe sell them as brand new to people who are looking for these specific parts(I'm just wondering)
  7. do Lego restock old discontinued Lego bricks and pieces via replacement parts(missing parts, broken parts and buy bricks-replacement bricks) do they restock them regularly when they run out. is there any delivery problems or shortages related to lorry driver crisis.