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  1. Drewgie

    Powered up 9v battery caddy.

    Thanks so much, I will try that.
  2. Hi, I’ve seen a 3D printable battery caddy for using a 9v li ion battery in the powered up hub. I can’t seem to download the stl file from the page to send to the 3D printer. Has anyone done this or worked out how to download the file at all please? Here is the page: http://blog.ringerc.id.au/2021/05/rechargeable-lithium-ion-battery-caddy.html?m=1 Many thanks Andrew
  3. Drewgie

    12v train running on powered up?

    Thanks for the info, much appreciated, I’ll give that a try!
  4. Drewgie

    12v train running on powered up?

    Thanks Davide, I appreciate that info, yes I was thinking the same sort of strategy. Those wheels look pretty good, well done. How do you get ‘suspension’ on the middle wheel may I ask please? I might try the powering the red motor with the battery box as that’s my easiest option, but then I think I will go down that road if I can’t get it to work. I’m interested if others have had success getting speed control on the 12v motor? Thanks, Andrew
  5. Just hoping for a little help please? I have a 12v motor (red one) that I want to motorise with powered up battery box. Could someone please advise how to connect the wires from the powered up battery box to achieve this. I will buy a sensor or motor or something and chop the cable to be able to attach to the hub. has anyone designed a connector to suit this purpose please, or does anyone have any advice which wires work to power the motor, and is it able to provide variable speed to the 12v motor please? Any help or link would be great please? I don’t want to just put a powered up motor in the train as I want to maintain the look of the old grey era train. Thanks in advance. Andrew