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  1. Horatio

    Arbiter - 80 gun ship of the line

    She truly is beautiful mate! The lines are so smooth! What year is she meant to be launched in?
  2. Horatio

    [MOC] VOC frigate "De Ruyter"

    She is a beautiful ship mate. Well done!
  3. Horatio

    Full-hull French Frigate (WIP)

    Wow, excellent work! She is coming along great! The stern gallery is especially nicely done (I feel really wrong now for once saying that it seemed too big ).
  4. Horatio

    L'Impérial - First Rate Ship of the Line

    In my opinion, the second one looks better, but I'm the kind of guy who likes subtlety. The 18th century French (ahem, Bluecoats, rather) on the other hand liked to impress. So you probably should go with the first one.
  5. Horatio

    Full-hull French Frigate (WIP)

    Yes, they galleries do look better from that angle- and I suppose that it'll all fit perfectly once you put in the poop. She actually reminds me a lot of the Hermione being built in Rochefort.
  6. Horatio

    The 120-gun Ship of the Line Sans Pareil

    I am drooling... This is a beautiful ship- the bulkheads for the officers' quarters are especially impressive from a detail standpoint. The construction of the bow is excellent, and your plan for the stern is spot on for a first rate. She truly is a ship without equal!
  7. Horatio

    Full-hull French Frigate (WIP)

    Very Nice! I agree that you shouldn't tile the hull- she looks great just the way she sits. However, the stern galleries do look a little oversized- though it may just be the angle of the photos. What do they look like from the stern?
  8. Wow, this is an impressive find. The red gunports are a little distracting (no Nelson cheque!) but the detail on the decks more than makes up for it! The bow especially is quite interesting.
  9. Horatio

    The Cannonball

    Very nice work! She definitely has a strong armament!
  10. Horatio

    WIP: Caravela Redonda (last update 4/1/14)

    Excellent work! She is coming along nicely, though you may want to taper off the poop a bit more- she looks a bit wide back there. Also, do you plan on using different gauges of block on the fore- and mizzen masts?
  11. Horatio

    Iroquois War Party

    Ah, that is even more interesting! I grew up in Central New York, so it's always good to see thoughtful historical representations. Ever thought of trying to set them up with lacrosse rackets?
  12. Horatio

    Merchant Brig

    Very clever! It's always good to see the little things that you come up with! Also, is that a giraffe on board that I see?
  13. Horatio

    Iroquois War Party

    Actually, uniform parts were often traded for with the colonists and local soldiers. By the way, is the gold medal on the leader meant to represent a gorget? Because if so, great job!
  14. Horatio

    More ships for the fleet!

    Your fleet sure is impressive! I especially admire the redone gingerbread work on the Achille. Do you suppose that you will build any more ships in the near future? Your fleet admiral will surely need a ship of the line to command from!
  15. Horatio

    2013 LEGO Pirates rumors and discussion.

    Oh wow, I hadn't paid attention to that one- I'm surprised that people were fine with that. I was only speaking from experience in an organization that I had been a part of that facilitated representation of local Native Americans- maybe it was only a local thing though. It is interesting though to think about protagonists and antagonists in the theme, because I never saw any one group as good or bad- especially in the 2009 revival.