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  1. Looks awesome, such a cool set!! I’m sure it’s also a great moc platform for classic space projects as well!
  2. Don't know if you guys have noticed this, but new images of both the Airbus and Material Handler have been revealed in the "Play Zone" of the Lego website: Helicopter link: Material Handler link:
  3. Sounds awesome! Thanks for the info.
  4. I wasn't paying much attention to the Technic wave this year, but I quite like that helicopter! I'm assuming that the rotor will be motorized? And from what I've read it's supposed to retail for 200$, and will have 2001 pieces. Is this all accurate? Thanks!
  5. Cool build! Supported.
  6. Maybe it could look something like this?
  7. Woo! Seems exciting! Even though o don’t have much personal attachment to the original set, I still appreciate and like it a lot, so I’m excited by this prospect! I’m also new to this forum, so is a separate forum usually created for set rumor like this, such as Titanic or Optimus Prime? Should I look for one coming soon? Also, there should be another lisensed space creator expert set (likely NASA) coming out, which should also be interesting! EDIT: do you guys think it will come with some lunar surface/ base like the original? Could be cool.
  8. Could the roof be removable like the actual car?
  9. The Ferrari looks very good from the pictures so far, I’m excited to see the functions and how they compare to the other supercars!
  10. TheKingPorg

    Minecraft 2022- Rumors and Discussion

    Is there any way there could be a Minecraft D2C this year, something like the mountain cave? Unless I'm mistaken, it's the 10 year anniversary for Lego Minecraft, so it could be cool to see.
  11. I wonder if they’ll try to make it 1:200 scale with the Titanic and Statue of Liberty. This would make it around 1.5 meters tall… maybe the rumored height is a little off? Even if they don’t, I’m sure that it will be an impressive model and I’m excited to see it!
  12. I saw that Briq Foundation has a YouTube video out with the landspeeder leak in it, so you guys can see it there. Hope this helps
  13. TheKingPorg

    REVIEW | 10294 Titanic

    The same thing happened to me, I got two long strings for the second funnel, but I got replacements from the Lego missing parts section, hopefully you can do the same.
  14. TheKingPorg

    The future of Back to the Future

    Yeah I thought that at first as well, but then I found this a page.
  15. TheKingPorg

    The future of Back to the Future

    Ha that’s interesting! I wonder if there’s some little thing in the t2 which relates to back to the future, and was intended as a Easter egg…