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    Lego, of course. Weiner dogs, I own 2 of them. Reading science fiction, watching movies with my wife, playing rpgs ((Pen and paper and video games as well))


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  1. The Last V8

    Heh, I like the sirens on top. Very accurate to the films, way to go!
  2. [MOC] TARDIS - Exterior and Interior

    I dont like Dr Who. But I'm aware of it's existance. As well as the time traveling phone booth's dynamics. I really really like the interior you've built. Well done.
  3. Lego USCSS Nostromo with Refinery

    Holy shit. That's a fantastic build!
  4. Where should the next People at the ____ take place?

    Fun at Comic Con would be neat. Doubt we'd ever see it, but it'd be neat. Fun at the movies, would be cool. Maybe a fun at the water park/Zoo/otherplacespeoplego
  5. Future DC Super Heroes Rumors & Speculation

    Best we get a "Boo Yah" when that does happen. For hillarity's sake.
  6. Future DC Super Heroes Rumors & Speculation

    Matt Reeves is Directing Batman.
  7. The CW Arrowverse - What Sets Would You Want?

    Gotta have the "Arrow Cave" preferably from the first season not this gigantic underground bunker thing. Cause I'm bitter, and I hate it. Cause I'm like that :( Diggle, Felicity, Green Arrow "Battle at the nightclub" Firefly, Green Arrow, Speedy (based on the third episode of season 1) I think it was the third, could be wrong. Rooftop Showdown: Merlyn and Green Arrow fight atop a roof top while Quentin works to disarm the crazy Earthquake machine in a small structure. Comes with a roof top dioramma and a subway cutaway. Barry Allen's Lab. Lab with two desks, Julian's and Barry's with Barry's wall of weird. And Joe. Also maybe a bad guy. Star Labs- Batcave size thing- Basically that ideas, idea. I mean, maybe throw in the hidden room call it a day? Race to the finish line or other flash themed joke here indicating he's a speedster- Flash and Zoom Run to either damn the Multiverse or save it, Comes with Flash, Zoom. Super Fenemy Battle!: Vibe and oh god.. I forgot the name. Ice lady fight in a forested area. Or something. I don't know. I forgot her damn name, but it's Caitlin's bad guy. Alternate figure for Cisco. The flash's speed test, the abandoned airway, with an alternative flash costume, Wells, Cisco and Caitlin. Throw in some flick fire missles, a robot drone or 2. Battle at the mountain! Or duel. Ra's and Oliver on top of a mock mountain top with some sword racks. Alternative Oliver Queen/Green Arrow costume, and ya know.. Ra's Legends- (The big wam woo) Firestorm, with the doc and Jefferson and a firestorm figure. White Canary? Rip Hunter, Heatwave(Mic) Leonard (Captain Cold), and whatever other character that I'm forgetting with the Waverider and Vandall Savage and some henchmen. Legends- Show down in the old west, Rip Hunter, (In old west gear) Small mock up of the western town, Jonah Hex, And probably someone else. I dunno who.
  8. What was the reason behind Lego Scooby Doo?

    It was fun? I mean.. nostalgia alone, it was fun! I bought the mystery machine set and didn't really bother with the other sets.
  9. RPS - Mockingbird

    Landing gear is for suckers!
  10. ...If these sets at least sell well, maybe we'll get some stuff based on the cartoon. I'm just hoping for the best here, I had a nerd freak out when I saw some older figures at a local antique shop the other day. Needless to say I now own "The real Ghostbusters" again.
  11. The Reddest of Robins?

    Sounds good! Like I said, I bought it from a vendor at a comic con, thanks for the origin!
  12. So, I have all of them, minus the dark queen lady for some reason, so all of them are up for sale, minus one Genie. Cause..Robin Williams. So if you're interested send me a pm or email me! I'd like to sell/trade/barter/shipoffto somewhere.