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  1. 'Been busy designing a catalogue of EMD F-units so I haven't posted here in a while. Yes, plans will be coming soon! You can check out my other F3 F7 And F9 MOCs on my Flickr photostream here: Let know what you think of the design! THX! DMRR WOLFE

    [MOC] Greater Winnipeg Water District GE 44-Ton Switcher

    What a great locomotive! Nice work with some clever engineering to capture the shape and details! I grew up in Winnipeg and didn't know a thing about this! Thanks for the history! Oops! Bit of a misspelling of 'Winnipeg' but a cut and slice would correct that "E" easily enough!
  3. These are truly incredible! You really caught the essence of the locomotives' design. Here's hoping we see more of your creations! (I bought the plans of your Canadian National X-10-a off Rebrickable to build and can't wait to get into it!)
  4. What an awesome collection! I particularly like your version of the Fred Gurley! Hope you'll make your instructions or models available sometime in the future!

    [MOC] Union Pacific Gas Turbine Locomotive

    Ok! That is sooooo coool!!!!!!! I've never seen anything like that before! I can't imagine how you got that bogie configuration to work!!!!! You are really talented!!!!

    EMD F7A with 3D-printed Windshield Frame

    Wow! Thanks Bogieman for a great and inspiring post!! You're a credit to the Eurobricks Train community! Excellent work on developing the windscreen design and hats off to your Black Window version of Sava's F7a/b! It looks really sharp in that livery! Did you print the decals/stickers yourself too?
  7. This is my first train MOC (and my first post!) that started out as a "simple" upgrade to set 75955 and, well, I just got a little carried away. I originally wanted to add a bit more detail, but after researching the "Hall" class locomotives, a dozen bricklink orders, wheels from Big Ben's Bricks and the Brick Train Depot, and 4+ months of on-and-off-again building, I think I have finaly something that looks like a locomotive! I've had more fun, challenges and frustration than from any other MOC I've ever built before, but I'm now hooked on building ONLY Lego trains....and maybe some Star Wars stuff.....and modulars......and............. Still plenty to do, but as I'm stuck on a couple SNOT connections, I'm going to be asking for your help with this as I finish up the build. Some details: it will run on standard track but it is big at 62 studs long with the boiler 6W to accommodate an L motor, PFx brick and lights (the flickering coal in the fire box looks so cool) 7W walkway, 8W cab, and the battery and speaker in the 8W tender (9W at the top) Hope to get the plans ready by Christmas! Thanks! DMRR Wolfe