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  1. MurlosTehnik

    [MOC] Great Coral Reef

    Wow. This looks magnificent! Love the colors and how cute it looks!
  2. THanks for opening your motor, so we can see how it looks like. I have never had a faulty motor, but good to know it can be openeed.
  3. Yeah, really mature. As long as the critics are not sarcastic or otherwise bad mannered, they will provide a great second opinion, and if the builder takes them into consideration, even better!
  4. MurlosTehnik

    [Poll] Do you like LEGO as a company?

    I am a new member, but i have been following the forum for quite some time. And I find it sad that every time, there is a cool new topic about Lego, those persons have to introduce their gender and their beliefs and ruin (or get locked) the whole topic for the whole forum, just so they can use the opportunity to voice their "beliefs" or how-to-call-it-so-no-one-is-offenced...c'mon! Do it somewhere else, please. I hate to name anyone, but I fully agree with Allanp and David, and, sorry to say, but Alexandrina guy seems to provoke the most, he just can't enjoy Lego without forcing the genders talks... I mean, don't do it a on a Lego forum. This is a LEGO forum! This is not an lgbt, gay or "I believe i am XYZ gender" forum. @All: Why can't we just please discuss about Lego, our mocs, sets and parts? ......................................... Having said that, and to get back to real Lego conversation, yes, OP, I love LEGO and I love what it has done for me. I enjoy their products, mainly parts, as I like to build moc, and I like the joy I feel when I build. They have had their questionable moments, but i still love them! PS. Sorry mods if this sounds harsh, I just hate to see this beloved forum clogged with this, instead of great mocs and such. Please don't let the forum end up woke.
  5. MurlosTehnik

    When do you consider a MOC "complete"?

    I also think a moc in never done. THere is always something that can be improved, even on a smallest 4 wide car.
  6. MurlosTehnik

    [MOC] Porsche 911 GT2 RS

    I like how the lines are flowing! It looks like real from a distance! Well done!
  7. This is like Technicopedia, but still alive. Congrats on the frontpage, it deserves it!
  8. I believe it started in 2014 or so. Indeed nice. Gonna read the whole topic he linked. I want to make something like this, but smaller!
  9. I have bin following this topic as a guest, and now when I am a member, I can say it looks awesome!
  10. I don't care for their battles, they are all after money, I just care for us users. But since we may end up in a worse situation than it is now, then sucks. I don't want to see the increase in costs or limiting parts availability.