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  1. Hi! Perhaps you've already figured it out, but the part in question is this one: If you do a search and replace in the XML for 40345 -> 32532 then it should work. Alternatively, just delete the entry from the XML and add the part manually. You only need 1 of these.
  2. Well, that sucks. Sorry about that. Hope that the Brickvault video gives enough exposure to the MOC so that it gets the attention it deserves. At 1:2500 scale the size is pretty much perfect and it looks very accurate compared to the real model! I have currently got ~2400 pieces sourced and have started building the framework and whatever bits and bobs I can. I'll be compiling my feedback into a list in case you're interested later on.
  3. Yea, I too noticed that the page disappeared.. Under my "Liked MOCs" it says that it is "disabled". In order to build the MOC, I uploaded the latest revision of the parts list to rebrickable. You can find and use that list in the meantime:
  4. Hi FlyInSpace! Thanks for creating and publishing this MOC! I originally intended to get the official UCS model, but that one is very expensive, very unwieldy and a bit underwhelming from what I've seen. Once I saw this MOC I decided to build this one instead. I figure I can get it done for less than half the price of the official UCS by ordering from Bricklink. So far, I've sourced about about 1500 parts so I hope I can start building soon. Once I do, I'll report back with my impressions. As for now, I've noticed that the parts list on rebrickable is out of date compared to the parts list included with the instructions. Good thing I held off and didn't order those simple nozzles or 1x6 curved slopes right away... Anyways, you may want to update that for those that use rebrickable.