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  1. metalgeekzy

    Cheap Bricks

    kinda depends on what you are going for. Bricklink has some great prices per parts. Depending on where you live you can go to second hand stores and see if they have legos. But that hit or miss if they even have legos and then its more of a grab bag kinda thing. Amazon has a 4 pound lot for 50 dollars. But again, according to the reviews its really random. There are a lot of knock off lego mass buys on amazon as well, usually cheaper then real logos. I mean, there are a lot of options to get Legos. But it really depends on what you are going for.
  2. metalgeekzy

    How does Lego figure out sets prices?

    I guess i never thought of it that way. I always thought X pieces = X price. I thought the camper was a great deal at 16 bucks. Also got me a lot of food/kitchen parts to actually make a kitchen for my space station. I also just bought the space rover for 40 dollars off of amazon. Both have a lot of parts that i will find very useful, but such a huge price jump. I do base set prices off of what i will find useful.
  3. Comparing 3 sets. Holiday Camper Van $19.99 190 pieces Obi Wans Hut $29.99 200 pieces Fire Rescue Helicopter $39.99 212 pieces How do you go from 200 to 212 pieces with a 20 dollar bump? I dont get the pricing for some of this stuff. Is it based on availability? The different pieces?
  4. metalgeekzy

    Third leg on R2?

    I dont think i have ever said this before. But. I think i need to buy some lipstick.
  5. I am my own worst critic. I dislike basically everything i make. Maybe not dislike. But i never consider it "good". Always room for improvement. I dont like how this looks. I can do that better. I just finished a sort of alien planet native alien house type build. It was supposed to be super easy quick throw it together and move on type build. Nothing special. Took all day because i kept re building it. So, at what point do you step back from a build and say to yourself, yep. Thats it. Thats done. Thats what i wanted?
  6. metalgeekzy

    Third leg on R2?

    Instead of making a new topic im gonna bump this one. I got a new r2 and i would like to add the 3rd leg to him. Hes got the technic axle X in his bottom hole. I have some of the Technic axles with the button oins, but they are all to long. I an actually really tempted to cut down one of those axles to make it fit. Unless someones knows of a better way of doing this?
  7. metalgeekzy

    [Poll] Do you like LEGO as a company?

    Its actually under "city" I got a camper set and a few space sets. It covers a large range of sets.
  8. I am very critical of my own work. Most things i hate, i always see room for improvement. So to me most of my creations are not worth saving. But once in awhile i make something that i really like. And if i can see that creation being used time and time again, ill save it. Take pics, make instructions. Like right now im working on a crane. Technic built. I will probably save it once i figure out the arms. The base and what not im mostly happy with.
  9. This is general discussion, hope the topic is OK. I am looking for a game with a lot of the minecraft type mechanics but all blocks, like lego. Item hording. Build what i want. Maybe survival. I would rather not have just sandbox, i want to earn what i use. Also, please no Lego Worlds. I have watched many youtube vids and twitch streams and i think it falls short to what i am looking for. Also, it dosent have to be specifically Lego made. But i do want lego type blocks.
  10. metalgeekzy

    [Poll] Do you like LEGO as a company?

    I mean, i guess i dont know enough about them as a company to really have an opinion. I do think tacking on an extra few dollars for themed sets is kinda messed up. Set 31115 the creator 3 in 1 space mining mech. 327 pieces for 25 bucks. set 75270 Star wars obis hut. 200 pieces, same price.
  11. metalgeekzy

    Best place to buy legos in bulk?

    Alrighty. Might be a stupid question, but. How do i add the pick a brick bag to shopping cart? Yes, i have an account. Yes, i am logged in. I am doing this from my phone, if that matters. But i have also switched to desktop mode. But i cant seem to find the way to add bag to shopping cart. Do i have to many/few items? I have 96 items.
  12. metalgeekzy

    Lego purchase limits reset

    I HIGHLY doubt they are watching amazon. Different names/email addys would make it almost impossible to keep track who buys what there. Also, do they really care what you buy on other sites, not just amazon?
  13. metalgeekzy

    Best place to buy legos in bulk?

    I am right now putting together a order at the lego store. Is there a way to order a minifig? Or at least parts for a specific minifig? I really want a r2-d2 minifig but i cant seem to push the right buttons to find just a minifig.
  14. Im right now building up a frame work for pullback motors so i can build a ferris wheel. Actually 6 pull back motors in a line. But i was thinking about adding some sort of lock on the winder. Something simple but can handle the strain of the pull back motors. Any advice?
  15. metalgeekzy

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    I tried this out and it actually shoots them a decent distance. Thanks for the info!