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  1. Personally, just my opinion. I never saw the point of displaying something that others also have when it comes to Lego. To me the point has always been building MOCS. Sometimes I will buy sets based on the pieces it has and I usually already have an idea on how I can incorporate those pieces into my build.
  2. metalgeekzy

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    HUGE Technic fan here. And i actually agree. Technic is supposed to be about functionality. And a heck of a lot of sets out there do not function. I ended up having to go to amazon to buy bulk gear sets or whatever to to be able to add gears or other function to my builds. Because Lego Technic sets fail to add functionality to there sets.
  3. metalgeekzy

    Do you only buy lego?

    The Dollar Store a few blocks from me sells base plates for.....a dollar. They dont have the streets or mountains or anything cool. Mono color base plates. But man oh man its better then dropping 7 bucks on 1 base plate.
  4. metalgeekzy

    Do you only buy lego?

    Not really talking about different type of building like K'NEX or whatever. But when it comes down to the building bricks. Is it Lego only? There are many many many knock offs out there. Are they good enough? Or nothing beats Lego?
  5. metalgeekzy

    Help cleaning a set!

    I mean, any downside to filling up the tub with some soapy water then rinsing it off if you are against taking it apart? Spray bottle full of water? Personally i have a air compressor. Just gotta be careful not to blast it apart.
  6. I was thinking about mostly harder to come by bricks or discontinued bricks. I guess you could 3D print like 2x4 bricks or whatever. But would you consider 3D printing needed bricks. Or is it more of, If its not from TLG its not going into a build? A lego purist kinda thing? And im not saying i am going to be doing this. Just random thoughts ive been having. Like ive seen people talk about this part/set being discontinued. Recreating a 1990s set to have as your own. Or if you have some specific MOC in mind but it will take 150 of a specific brick thats kinda hard to come by. Or liking a older discontinued piece that you cant get anymore. Now i feel like im rambling. Basically, what are your thoughts on 3D printing Legos?
  7. metalgeekzy

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Ya i got a set of those in a fire truck i got a while back. I thought they were kinda cheap. Cheasy. But they got me thinking about the old shock part i used to have. I do wish i had my collection from back in the day lol.
  8. metalgeekzy

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Yes, thank you! Unfortanatly it looks like this was discontinued. Sad, i found it to be really useful to adding life to some of my builds back in the day.
  9. metalgeekzy

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Those look technic. Mine, and the color dosent actually matter, were just regular lego. no technic at all. I actually found a Ebay post for one.
  10. metalgeekzy

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Back in the day, like mid 90s, I had some regular lego axles with shocks in them. NON technic. Connecter on top was 2x2 and they were just regular lego axles. I was wondering if maybe there were some modern versions of this in some sets or something. I would rather not go farming for 90s parts. Also, mine were red if that helps at all. But they were simple super compact and if i remember correctly all 1 part axle with shocks.
  11. metalgeekzy

    Would you rather build in person or online?

    I think it's more rewarding to build with your own Legos rather then virtual ones. And how do you show off your cool Lego moc creation? "Come check out this cool build, it's on my computer"
  12. metalgeekzy

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Just holding them for a friend, huh? lol.
  13. metalgeekzy

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    I was just thinking about this in the shower. Deep thoughts in the shower. If i say i am sorting my Legos. I am not talking about any other building toy or whatever. I am sorting my building bricks, is another thing. If i say Legos, i mean lego. Legos=Lego. I mean, is anyone actually confused when someone says Legos? Additionally, i have seen a few threads on this forum talking about knockoff Chinese motors and what not. So is the goal here to talk about building and mocs and insperation ect ect, or respecting The Lego Group and how they want there plastic bits and pieces be talked about? If you build a MOC with just mega blocks, are you any less of a builder?
  14. metalgeekzy

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    I am American and I guess it just kina makes sense to me? Like if I go to the store. I did not buy Lego. I bought Legos. Cause. You know. More then 1 Lego comes in a set. If I dumped out all my bricks in a pile I would not have a pile of Lego. I would have a pile of Legos. Because there would be more then 1. If I started sorting my collection. I would be sorting my Legos. Lego bricks seems redundant to me. So....I have Legos.
  15. metalgeekzy

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    So. I might get a little bashed for this. But this is just MY opinion. I was really big into legos during the 90s and very early 2000s. And the colors were a lot more basic. Like, i look at the Classic sets you can get at walmart. And im like, where did this rainbow of colors come from? It would be nice to buy something like that with just basic basic colors. Back in my day (ya i know, kids get off my lawn) you could get bucket with just basic bricks with basic colors. Now its like, im swimming in a sea of purple and 4 shades of yellow and how many blues do we need? Dont get me wrong. Its nice having some of these to kinda flush out some builds. But finding any set with a decent collection of white basic bricks is unicorn rare these days.