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  1. Very happy to hear. But I hope they don't go and ruin it like they did with the Pirate Bay set. Was so pissed off with that. Still trying to build it like the original on my own.
  2. bertdaniel8

    [MOC] Scarif | "Make 10 Men Feel Like 100"

    Big like! Nice design and attention to detail.
  3. bertdaniel8

    Saw Gerrera Minifig

    There is actually no need for a lot of extrusions. Most things can be covered by a high detail print. What would be needed to be external is the air tube and maybe the shoulder blade.
  4. Amazing. How long did it take to design and build?
  5. bertdaniel8

    Saw Gerrera Minifig

    Thanks a lot. Hope you nail it.
  6. Wow! Beautiful! Very inspiring!
  7. bertdaniel8

    [LDD] Trinidad Pirate Ship

    Fantastic job. Is there access to lower deck?
  8. bertdaniel8

    2022 snowtrooper battle pack mock-up

    Very nice. Would definitely love this one.
  9. bertdaniel8

    Saw Gerrera Minifig

    Would so love to see a Saw Gerrara minifig done close to this customized one I saw on Youtube (see attached)
  10. bertdaniel8

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    Hi, Can anybody please send me this file? I would be so happy to build the original model. Thanks so very much and hats off to you guys for building it.