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  1. When does this contest officially start and end? (Dates)
  2. What, in your opinion, is the most infuriating detail on any specific Technic set? This could be a grille, or the orientation of a wheel/s, or any other little thing of note, such as a mechanical axis point. Also, it doesn't have to be a bad or a good set, this is focusing solely on the specific detail of the model.
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    Infuriating Details

    any set that started with '42'
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    Infuriating Details

    And is unbeatable on a dry wooden floor
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    Infuriating Details

    Yeah, I agree that we give it too much slack, when the only thing it ever did wrong was have shitty unsprung perpendicular suspension, exposed pins, hypersensitive clutch gears that kicked in whenever encountering a slope greater than 7 degrees, all wheel axles being open and having differentials between each of them, and a crane that tended to rip out the central frame of the model when lifting heavy weights, but apart from that, yeah, I agree with you on that.
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    Infuriating Details

    The 42056 was based on a RWD car. However, the real car had multilink rear suspension which was failed to replicate. And you, sir, have lost the privilege to post on this thread. 42070 fits the bill of my question in every conceivable way.
  7. What about building Studless sets in a Studful manner? I can see absolutely no way this could go poorly whatsoever.