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  1. sp1984

    [OFFICIAL] 10320 Eldorado Fortress - Available NOW

    What date we can expect those soldiers parts as PAB?
  2. Hello Have question regarding Lego, Lego technic string/cords diameters. I would like to have custom strings with any length for my constructions, so need to know Lego strings diameter to use the same custom string with preferred length. Therefore please give me info about diameter of: 1. Standard lego (city) string - String cord thin, 2. Technic string (grey colour like in 42128 tow truck set) - String cord medium thickness. Kind regards
  3. Is this Mindstorms set worth buying in the end of 2022 year? LEGO com has it discounted by 20%. Prefer use Pybricks on this hub. Tell me please which comparable kits has got ahead of Mindstorms? Why you think Mindstorms couldn't keep pace with the market?
  4. I think that Lego generally not used knob/crank mechanisms for rotating turntable in their excavator models. Only Technic excavators with rotating mechanism were: 8837 - pneumatic excavator, 8043 - motorised excavator, while most models had freely rotating (with hand) turntable, ie.: 42053 - Volvo excavator, 42006, 8851 - vintage predecessor from 1984 . So here for 42144 I guess it would be freely rotating turntable too.
  5. It seems that model lacks of steering mechanism of front axle. Am I correct? I think that 42053 had steering mechanism of wheels... Edit: zoomed picture from catalogue and saw there is knob visible in the middle of front of a chassis, so it seems to be steering mechanism. So, sorry for wrong assumptions ;)
  6. Hey I tried L motor with technic hub and tacho motor function worked well so it is definitely city hub issue. However I found other bugs in technic hub but it is another story...
  7. Hey I have Crocodile 10277 fitted with PU train hub and L motor. As controller (and programming editor) I use my smartphone. I did simple programs in PU applications: simple program to drive a loco with one slider to set speed in both directions (fwd/rev). Controller part: Program blocks part - motor power block: Its simple infinite loop with motor power block controlled by a slider (green one). Everything works here good. However I prefer to use tacho motor block as it provides much better speed control - i.e. it maintains set speed especially at lower speeds. So I did exactly the same program just swapped motor blocks - tacho motor block program: But this program has issues: while it starts normally it cannot stop and has problems with setting (changing) new speed with a slider. First program with motor power can be terminated with red squared button in upper right corner (in place of green arrow on attached screens), so in that case locomotive stops. But that program with tacho motor is not responding to termination with red square button and after trying to terminate it suddenly loses bluetooth connection with hub in locomotive. Is it some software or hardware issue/error or I just made program in wrong way and should build different program for tacho motor version? Version of Powered Up app: 3.7.0 (Android). Kind regards
  8. Hey Thank you All for your replies. Yes I consider that sets as part packs, so as pure part count tracked 42140 is better choice, but parts for tracked vehicles are rather cheap (sprockets, link threads, etc.) so it is not so straightforward if looking beyond simply part count. Also I do not think I need new parts from 42140. I am also interested in PUp programming and yes also considered buying only PuP hub and L motors. But TBH I have already bought 42124 for about 83 euro, so its good bargain I think. Now just thinking if return it or keep it :) Also was thinking about Zetros, while its twice the budget of 42124, but can be obtained for good price. Zetros itself got average reviews at best but seen good MOC's to improve it so definitely its set with a potential. But topic is about 42124 vs 42140 so Zetros is another story :) Anyway hard choices ;) Greets
  9. I agree with above. I think is always better to focus on positives and in my opinion videos with reviews and guides made both by Sariel and RacingBrick are on very high level and their contribution into LEGO Technic building is priceless. Regarding errors in reviews videos (made by (almost) professionals): I remember Sariel's review of 10277 Crocodile locomotive, and in his review he didn't realise that pantograph can be fully lowered - as he thought it could be lowered only partially. Somebody kindly remarked that in comment and Sariel admitted his omission and everything was just fine. Its power of a community: we learn from each other and all that process makes us better builders. And even expert builders are not gods nor immune to (simple) errors. Kind regards
  10. Hey which set is better for buying first powered up/control+ Technic set: 42124 Off Road Buggy or 42140 App-Controlled Transformation Vehicle? Considering also economical factor in that question. Both sets offer Technic Powered Up hub x1 and 2x L motor. Set 42140 offers far better price per piece ratio, but 42140 is tracked vehicle while 42124 is RWD (rear wheel drive) vehicle which is more appealing for me as I have also older 42095 vehicle (tracked remote controlled racer with Power functions). Or maybe the best solution is to have both 42124 i 42140, but is it reasonable to purchase such sets and have two Technic Powered Up hubs (one hub is not enough?)? RacingBrick had already made such analysis which Control+ set is best for money: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bypBVRkBp5I but that video was made in November 2021, so it was before introduction of 42140. Kind regards
  11. Thanks for reply. Regarding 1: yes I guess that rear axle is heavier but why they just don't use hard springs on front axle too? What' is the purpose for mixing soft and hard spring in that case? :)
  12. Hey I assembled my Land Rover too. I runs smoothly without any improvements so far. Only weird error is that gear ratio of reverse gear is close to fourth gear rather than first gear - but I think I saw fixing guide for this here on EB. I am novice for such supercar from LEGO Technic and here are my newbie questions: 1. Suspension Springs: why in front suspension both hard and soft springs are used (2x soft 2x hard)? While in rear suspension 4x hard springs are used? 2. Longitudinal differential: while I get the idea of differential mechanism for purpose of driving a curves which enables both wheels to rotate on different speeds but I don't understand idea of differential which connects front axle (with differential) and rear axle (with differential). Is that a standard feature of 4wd drive? Kind regards
  13. Will that set be offered exclusively at LEGO shop? If yes it seems expensive at full price without a good discount. Scale concern: Looking at size of the real JD 9620 is attached yellow trailer not too small and lightweighted comparing to the tractor?
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