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  1. 9493 X-Wing Starfighter

    It doesn't matter, any paint, white or grey alone would look wrong, that is why it is weathered on the filming models, to look like it would in harsh operating conditions in atmospheres and in space, not to mention heat stress from entering atmospheres and combat.
  2. 9493 X-Wing Starfighter

    Nope, the orig. X-wing filming miniature has always been white, but with grey panels and weathered down to where it looks like a grey-ish primer, as well as soot and battle damage. . The Rebel Alliance only had the equivalent of field repair shops, so paint repairs were not important. Before re-mastering, they always had more of a grey hue on film due to the lighting. The new X-wing uses several newer elements than the old iterations of LEGO X-wing, including some SNOT elements I have not personally seen before. If one does not have any previous X-wing's that they are nostalgic about, then this makes it the time to get this one, since you can't get the older releases without paying a premium.
  3. 9493 X-Wing Starfighter

    I have never had any of the previous versions, so I don't know, but the instructions are available on, so you could probably find out that way. As soon as I can get my hands on a Y-Wing fighter, I should have all the necessary elements for some great Death Star Trench Run photos. Two TIE fighters to escort Darth Vader's TIE, two X-wings, a Y-wing, and the Millenium Falcon bringing up the rear. I suppose I also need to build a turbolaser tower or two to defend the trench, at least the one that GReased Porkins ;) Thanks for looking, and for all the comments everybody!
  4. 9493 X-Wing Starfighter

    9493 X-Wing Starfighter 560 Pcs. I really think the pictures speak for themselves. The mechanism to open the wings is pretty cool IMHO "lock s-foils in attack position". 4 minifigs included JEK PORKINS!!! Several years ago, Fans DEMANDED that Hasbro release a porkins action figure, and Hasbro listened! R5-D8 R2-D2 (with a new head maybe??) yet another Luke Skywalker However, any fan worth his salt knows that the real star of this kit is Jek Porkins. "I can hold it." I must say that this kit was extremely fun to build! The fuselage contains a lot of creative structural SNOT techniques in several different places on the ship. There is no question, go get one or three of these, you will not be dissapointed! Enjoy
  5. 9492 TIE Fighter

    That's cool Mr. Man. I hope they allow more youthful-type kits at more shows and contests too.
  6. feels like he is being pursued by a religious fanatic trying to convert him ;)

    1. Rinzler


      Convert him to what?

  7. 9492 TIE Fighter

    Relax guys, it's allright. I expressed my opinion with the comment "It's a TIE Fighter!" , and we all know that TIE fighters are cool, we all like TIE fighters, so therefore I like the set very much Oky!, I think it's pretty darn cool overall Now the Republic Frigate, I liked that kit less and less the more I built it. I still have not finished the engines. I was just dissapointed, but that is a different thread i'm sure. Yeah OOPs, you don't notice the crooked wing panel until the moment after you upload the pic some days, and some days you do It must have moved it's hinge when I flew it out to the garage for the pic. You can't carry a LEGO TIE Fighter without making the sounds
  8. 9492 TIE Fighter

    HAHA absolutely! ..Just leave one on the shelf for some kid ok?
  9. 9492 TIE Fighter

    I was also impressed with the way the side panels were built- very nice IMHO. Other comments about earlier incarnations of LEGO TIE Fighters made me wonder about the scale. I only own one other TIE, 8017 Darth Vader's TIE Fighter, so I thought I'd compare the scale. Not bad really, considering this movie shot of the Trench Run Now it is evident that I NEED a second one of these to display as the other escort for Vader's Advanced TIE If I ever get my hands on one (or a wing) of the new X-Wing fighters, I believe it will make a nice shelf display with the Millenium Falcon bringing up the rear ;) Even though the Falcon is not to scale, it is still my personal favorite of all the Star Wars sets I have.
  10. 9492 TIE Fighter

    Not at all Blue! no worries. LEGO translates to "Play Well", that is what we are supposed to do with LEGO! To be a critic, a person needs to first know what they are talking about, it's just unfortunate when that knowledge sometimes turns people into elitists who forget the time when they themselves were n00bs. The anonymity of the INTERNET often makes people say things they normally wouldn't in f2f conversation. I say Review Away! If someone doesn't like it, who cares? There will be 10 more people that will like it. Be true to yourself!
  11. 9492 TIE Fighter

    How is the UK IPMS? I am undecided on ours. On one hand I like being part of the Reviewer Corps, for the obvious benefit of free kits, and there are a lot of great modelers who freely share knowledge. On the other hand the forums are very clique-ey and a lot of the older members don't have a clue how to effectively spread the hobby to a younger generation, even though they recognize that is a very big issue in general for the hobby. All they want to do is blame the internet and video games, instead of actively doing something about it. The IPMS-USA Journal and forums also seems to be a little too heavy on internal IPMS-USA politics, of which I don't care about and I don't really want to know about who gets elected to what position etc. Despite that, I renewed my membership for the second year to give it a fair shake.
  12. 9492 TIE Fighter

    Yes Oky, I realize you are trying to offer constructive criticism here, but there IS a fine line between constructive criticism and passive-agressiveness. Your wording here implies that "I didn't do it right". I understand your meaning, that in your mind my review was not "up to snuff" with other, more thorough reviews, however to a more sensitive, less lighthearted person, this kind of comment could be taken as destructive criticism, and could potentially discourage someone from posting further reviews.
  13. 9492 TIE Fighter

    No, I meant in comparison with plastic model reviews. You have no idea how much scale modelers are concerned with details in reviews. Guys will take a kit that looks perfectly great to any person, and rip it apart for scale and historic accuracy reasons to an insane level, usually culminating in needing to use an aftermarket photo-etched brass set to improve something as trivial as mounting brackets on jerry cans Personally, I don't like that with LEGO sets, they were never meant to be accurate scale representations IMHO, they are meant to be fun. This was not intended to be a thorough review of the kit. Just a conversation piece.
  14. 9492 TIE Fighter

    Thanks, but I have no interest in super-nerdifying reviews of LEGO professionally I already do that from time to time for plastic models for the IPMS-USA.
  15. 9492 TIE Fighter

    Ahh, see our online shop and the LEGO stores have the same release dates, but regular retailers get them early, but can't put them out until the release date. This And the Kingdoms Joust were released Jan 1st, (We just picked those up at the LEGO store this weekend. Retailers never get those sets, they are LEGO exclusive for the most part. The Star Wars sets don't have a release date until Jan 31st.