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  1. Well, at least 4 can fit on the studded areas (potentially 6 depending on how you place them). Besides those, there are 3 benches on which each a single Minifigure can be placed!
  2. Thank you so much!! I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for some other topics around here. I'm still pretty new and still getting used to a lot of things so apologies if I'm not active besides my own posts :)
  3. Hi everyone, To celebrate my Thomas the Tank Engine IDEAS project hitting 5.000 supporters, I thought I would share probably the 2 most requested characters to be added to the project, Annie & Clarabel! Though still heavily based on the LBSC Stroudley Coaches, I've taken some creative liberties to better fit my Thomas' design. These builds include 7 new printed pieces along with a removable roof that reveals a detailed interior with space for at least 7 minifigures! Once again, thank you SO MUCH to the people who helped the project reach 5.000 supporters!!! If you haven't supported the project yet, I'd highly appreciate it if you do by following this link to the project: https://bit.ly/2Ruzxzp
  4. KaijuBuildz

    LEGO IDEAS - Thomas the Tank Engine

    I'm pretty sure they do. Here's a direct quote from the website: "Before we publish your product idea and you start gaining supporters, our team will look it over and make sure it follows our Guidelines and House Rules. If our discerning eyes catch something in need of fixing, we'll send it back and tell you why. Then you can make the necessary changes and submit it again." Also, when submitting a project, you have to confirm if the project is based on an existing IP or not, after which you'll have to check if the IP is allowed on the website. This includes IP's already owned by other companies (Like Star Trek or How to train your Dragon) which are NOT allowed. Thanks, that would be AWESOME!!! ;D
  5. KaijuBuildz

    LEGO IDEAS - Thomas the Tank Engine

    Thanks! Yeah, I'm familiar with the whole Megablocks situation which definitely might affect the Project down the line, BUT based on the fact that the Project was even allowed to be submitted in the first place might just mean it's possible...
  6. KaijuBuildz

    LEGO IDEAS - Thomas the Tank Engine

    Thx for the support! Same here, thank you so much ;D Thanks! for supporting :)
  7. Hi everyone, I'm pretty new around here so I'm not sure if I'm supposed to post this here, but wanted to share with you my most recent IDEAS project! Created by the legendary Wilbert Awdry in 1946, Thomas is and has been beloved by children around the world and has become an icon for both kids and adults alike. To celebrate Thomas's 75th Anniversary, I created this project to pay tribute to this beloved little Tank Engine and the man who created it. Like Thomas himself, this build is highly based on the (LB&SCR) E2 Tank Engine with additional details based on his appearance in both the Railway series and the classic TV series. Thomas includes a detailed interior that can easily be accessed by detaching the roof. The cabin features space for 1 Minifigure and a highly detailed furnace. Though too small for any motorized features, Thomas's chassis features a built-in gear mechanism to allow the wheels to rotate smoothly. Currently, we are very close to hitting 5.000 supporters so if you want to see this become an actual set, then consider supporting this project through the link down below: https://bit.ly/2Ruzxzp