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  1. Justsomebrix

    [COR-FB] Patrolling Near Seawatch

    The la dscaping is great! The trees look really nice and I like the aesthetic from the curved slopes on the terrain. My only "criticism" is that I wish you chosen a better pose with the rifle. By taking off the right hand from the torso, you could have made him hold the musket with both arms in a realistic way
  2. Justsomebrix

    [OL-FB] Tamish Bothy at Fort Arltrees

    Love the look of the house in the middle of the jungle. Glad to see you back!
  3. Been looking forward to this for so long now! Thank you to the crew of the WTC Red Angel for buying enough time for the Hms Alexandra to rejoin the fight! A shame about the Dominance, but with our new heavy frigates built by @boeing_787_8_dreamliner , we'll get her back in no time
  4. Welcome to BoBS!! Happy to see a new player join another faction than Corrington Looking forward to your builds and stories
  5. Justsomebrix

    [COR-FB] On the Westface Quays.

    Love the build and looking forward to see more of the ship! (Hope it's for the ettc ) Wondering why this is only a medium property though ?
  6. Great design! I love how you made the shooting cannon effect
  7. Justsomebrix

    [COR-FB] Grenadier Barracks, Queenston

    Great work, I love how the colours contrast each other. The flower boxes and roof are my favourite details
  8. Justsomebrix

    The East Terran Trading Company

    A 3rd Terraman has joined the fleet this week!
  9. Justsomebrix

    HTTCS Royal George

    Beautiful ship as always! The fleet has really grpwn immensely these last couple of weeks
  10. Justsomebrix

    HETCS Pallace and HETCS Endomyion

    Amazing ships! The image of them sailing is beautiful The Palace might be my favorite of all your ships. It was a pleasure writing the story, I think it brings a lot more life to your posts
  11. Justsomebrix

    The East Terran Trading Company

    Three new ships from @boeing_787_8_dreamliner added to the fleet And a 4th one by @Spud The Viking
  12. Justsomebrix

    [GoC] Arlinsport Factory

    One of your best mocs so far! Beautiful!
  13. Justsomebrix

    [COR - FB] HMS Harpy

    Looking forward to the future posts! Will you be giving the ship to the royal navy so that it can be used in the war?
  14. Justsomebrix

    [COR - FB] HMS Harpy

    Great looking ship, I've been enjoying the updates on discord. Would have been nice to have a bit more story telling on the post though
  15. Justsomebrix

    The East Terran Trading Company

    Where can I find information about what happened to the fleet? (Might be interesting for a story post)