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  1. Honestly, as much as I want him, i wouldn’t even be mad if that happened. At that point it’s just funny, plus hey, updated 212th troppers aint bad to have either
  2. They were on the promobricks instagram story a couple days ago. Nothing completely concrete but definitely hinting at it
  3. But there’s still a demand for Cody and there’s also promobricks hinting at an Utapau AT-TE over a Geonosis one despite AotC’s 20th anniversary. There’s definitely speculation to be had over it and I think the gunship figure selection drama definitely has something to do with it if true. I also disagree with the idea that Cody isn’t actually in demand too, just because YOU don’t want phase 2 Cody doesn’t mean only MandR wants him. Probably not gonna talk further about the gunship anymore though, we’ve started to get a bit off topic with it
  4. You’re actually right about that, they never did officially claim they were the fan vote figures, I’d even say the fact it was never mentioned seems to imply they weren’t the fan vote figures too. That being said, I never meant for this to be a gunship figure rant as much as it was meant to be speculation about the AT-TE potentially being Utapau based instead of Geonosis based
  5. We never did get the answer, and I didn’t say he straight up won, but judging by the community’s requests and the reaction to the figure selection, there’s a very obvious demand for him. I also HIGHLY doubt the winners just so happened to be a figure already in production and another figure that just so happens to ALSO be in production, but with slight differences. There’s just NO way
  6. except for the fact that it was LITERALLY the fan vote, and exactly what fans asked for. How is that a slap in the face? If anything, what we actually ended up getting was more along the lines of a slap in the face. As for jedi bob, he would’ve made less sense. He’s non canon. I don’t think Lego wanted to put a non canon figure in a UCS set, simple as that
  7. Yeah if it really is a ROTS set, it more than likely will have Cody in it. That also being said, I firmly believe the gunship’s figure selection was 100% due to it only having a year of design/production, so they probably actually knew about the demand from the vote, but couldn’t get a new helmet mold out on time for the gunship that or it just has 212th troopers with no cody in it
  8. Anyone see the blurry landspeeder pic on instagram? Looks pretty decent if real
  9. Just backs up all the theories of Lego expecting a Nebulon win. If phase II Cody actually ends up in the AT-TE, it also backs my theory of the Gunship's bad figure selection being a product of a short development period. wouldn't be shocked if this ends up being the $530 set either, considering the thing seems to be pretty much complete
  10. Vaughn is definitely the first one that comes to mind. If they were to do, say, a clone wars based Gunship in the future, they're DEFINITELY throwing Vaughn into that. Thorn or a P2 Fox I could easily see them doing if they decide to make a set with the Coruscant guard in it. I doubt we'll ever see Doom, but if they ever wanted to bring back May the 4th minifigs, Doom would be perfect. Lego would also totally just make unnamed clone commanders with a regular white helmet and a black visor lets be real lol
  11. Yeah I don't think Lego is rushing to make new molds for them. If the cody leak is real, I'm gonna assume his helmet's a new mold in a similar fashion to the gar saxon mando helmet we got last year, and if we get any obscure named clones later, it's gonna be ones that use that mold like thorn or something over a completely new one for someone like bacara
  12. Kinda hoping the episode 3 utapau AT-TE is real, considering it and the gunship are almost always geonosis based. Phase 2’s in an AT-TE sounds great
  13. see that’s the thing that gets me. It seems so fake and I still kinda think it is, but it’s also completely out of nowhere and, to me at least, feels like something current day lego would do. It doesn’t feel like the average extreme wishful thinking or play it safe with remakes type of fake rumour you’d normally see. The theoretical 2 year development time for this set if it’s real would also line up with the peak of the razor crest’s hype too. I want to say it’s fake, I’m about 75% sure it is, but it gives me the exact same vibe as the fighter tank rumour and look what happened there
  14. eh, I’d argue if anything that isn’t the OT warrants a big set, it’d be Mando for sure. I think it has more general public appeal than the prequel and sequel trilogy have, so them making a UCS set off it it wouldn’t shock me That being said as far as the $530 price point options go I’d say basically everything short of a 2008 death star rehash is a bit of a risk to make, so the safe guess would probably be that
  15. eh, I think it's a plausible idea, it actually seems like something lego would make. I find the fake leaks usually either play it way too safe (like the shuttle or DSII leaks) or are complete wishful thinking from prequel fans (playscale gunship rumor) but here, I could easily see the ucs razor crest being a thing in development since around 2020 when it was at it's peak popularity banking off the hype. That being said tho, no real reliable leakers backing this one up and we're overdue for a MBS set. Could be a similar case to the fighter tank, but I'm definitely not holding my breath on it