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  1. Roses

    [MOC] Soundwave Transformers G1

    Woah, that is massive. Well done with the smoothness and the straightness of the lines. The geometry of the face is also fantastic. I look forward to seeing how the rest of the body will turn out (and how big it will be!) Do my eyes deceive me or are there hinges on the bottom of the torso? Do you plan on building his spies?
  2. Roses

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    My guess is in a couple of weeks, as the 2020 and 2019 announcements have been done in the last week of September.
  3. Roses

    How do those people create MOC?

    Consider looking at real-life buildings or objects and think about what pieces would fit best to recreate those buildings or objects, then think about what techniques you would use to make sure all pieces are where they need to be. I often do this in my free time or when I'm bored, on the bus, at the supermarket, wherever. It's recreating what you see before coming up with things of your own. Many art classes will have you painting or drawing real life objects or people before you get to make things up. But yeah, it's pretty much just build, build, build and you'll discover neat techniques and unexpected uses for otherwise inconspicuous pieces.
  4. Roses

    Super Mario 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Ok that mechanism is really cool. EDIT: Looks like the vignettes fold into the back of the "?" block. Do we still not know what's behind the door that's slightly open on the picture on the back of the box?
  5. Roses

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    The A-frame cabin and the House of Time are my favorites this round. I was lukewarm on the Typewriter when it was approved, but TLG delivered such a sleek final design that I ended up getting it. It makes for quite the unique display piece in a LEGO collection. I could see TLG approving the cuckoo clock to appeal to the adult market. However, if it were chosen, I would love, love, love for the designers to replace the motor with a realistic, external dropping-weight mechanism. Such a mechanism might be a little weak to maintain the movement of a circling train, and TLG might deem the entire set too big to be safely and easily secured to a wall using those special Technic panels, though. It's a big ask, but considering LEGO included as many functions as they realistically could in the Typewriter, perhaps a working cuckoo clock would be an appropriate step forward in terms of life-size, functional replicas of real objects.
  6. Roses

    Our New Fish Overlords

    Thank you all for the nice comments! I used these five parts: However, it's an illegal technique because the size of the technic gears prevent the axle connector from fitting all the way into the three-axle hub. You have to either force the pieces a little bit or leave them semi-connected.
  7. 41999, the exclusive edition of the 4x4 crawler, had a run of 20,000 copies. Whether it was advertised as limited edition - I do not know, but to disclose the amount of copies produced might mean that it is indeed on the smaller side of production runs. The "number who own" statistic on Brickset can help compare numbers from one set to another. It is by no means a representative figure, though, as only a fraction of people log their collection on the website.
  8. Roses

    Our New Fish Overlords

    6721 is among the oldest sets I have in my collection. I never used it for any MOCs but I always thought it used some of the coolest- and weirdest-looking pieces. Since I can probably count the sand-blue pieces I have in my parts collection on two hands (and a foot), I thought I would make a big ol' pair of mechanical legs to let the fish roam the land. You can see my MOCs on Flickr: Or on my Instagram:
  9. Roses

    Elephantry Soldier

    What to do with an old blue elephant head? Had a fun time making a large (and friendly-ish-looking) system-based character for once. More pictures on Flickr: Or on Instagram:
  10. Roses

    Drunk face?

    I could see these two having had a drink: ^ From the sleepyhead CMF:{"color":3,"iconly":0} ^ From various fairground sets
  11. Roses

    The Sun

    Thank you! The character is a product of having few yellow pieces, an unused heart mini-build using the pirate bandana, and hours of bashing my head in trying to figure a use for the Mahri Hewkii mask. I agree that it makes for a weird result! It's open to interpretation
  12. Roses

    The Sun

    This one was a pain and a half to make. I have very few yellow constraction pieces, but I think it turned out pretty well. It was supposed to be the main model in a duo with this little guy, dubbed "Ultraviolet": But after the Sun went through some drastic thematic changes (action pose -> meditative pose), I decided to keep them separate. I've got more pics up on Flickr: Or on my Instagram: The Sun & Ultraviolet
  13. Roses


    Thank you , it's like a mini explosion he's triggering. It's a bit weird but it looked like a good idea for a prop
  14. Roses


    Thank you!! I'd love to use the 2x4 light-up bricks from Exo-Force for a MOC some day, they're long gone pieces but they're one of a kind! I'm pretty proud of the lamppost . Rarely do I get the chance to work at greater-than-minifigure-scale.
  15. Roses

    [MOC] Gundam Barbatos

    Woah that's some mighty geometry. Wonderful shoulders and perfect extensive use of those pentagonal 2x3 tiles!