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  1. Cpt. Tristan

    Do you have a MOC that has not been indexed?

    Old and not a WIP but not indexed: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=59108&hl=rosindale
  2. Cpt. Tristan

    [MOC] Shipwreck hideout

    Love it. Classic, looks almost like an old set. For stability though, maybe add some diagonal "wooden planks" propped against the rock and supporting the bottom of the ship? ~Cpt. Tristan
  3. Cpt. Tristan

    (W.I.P.) EITC-Ship "Wicked Wench"

    Looking pretty nice! I love the masts, figurehead, and the use of the gold Ninja fish on the stern. Keep us updated! ~Cpt. Tristan
  4. Cpt. Tristan

    Brickbeard's Bounty Vs Red Beard Runner

    Well, I must say the cabin, decals, and new colors of the BB appeal to me.... ~Cpt. Tristan
  5. Cpt. Tristan

    Fort Brighton East

    Damn, thats nice. LOVE the windows. Also, that archway is really making me want to see how the entire village layout is going to be. Love the technique on the archway trim, I think I'll have to use that (with proper credit). ~Cpt. Tristan
  6. Cpt. Tristan

    Desolation Island

    Ah, when I see this, all of the old sets go flashing through my head. By that I mean I agree with everyone else: it has that classic Pirate feel. Also, I've seen your forestmen MOC, good job on that. But one question: What did you do to that poor pirate's back? ~Cpt. Tristan
  7. Cpt. Tristan

    LEGO Pirate Photography

    Out of curiosity do you live in Alaska? If not, then what do you mean by "three weeks of sunlight"? Nice pic though! ~Cpt. Tristan
  8. Cpt. Tristan

    Black Pearl vs Queen Anne's Revenge

    Well on the "Piratey" part I would say QAR. The Pearl is more plain, with so little decoration that it could easily become a merchant or Imperial ship with a change of figs. The QAR has tons of bones, skulls, spikes and such that give it an almost "scary" and Piratey look. Hope I helped, ~Cpt. Tristan
  9. Cpt. Tristan

    Help Needed with Ship

    I agree, and another thing to consider: Are you trying to go more realistic, classic Lego style, or actually replicate a real ship. Classic Lego style you should probably go with prefab (IMP), just generally realistic you can go either way but brick built gives the option for more detail, and replicating a real ship is pretty hard with prefab. Its your choice though. ~Cpt. Tristan
  10. Cpt. Tristan

    (WIP) MAN-O-WAR - Brick Hull

    Looking good! But I wonder: Will we ever be seeing this in the flesh? ~Cpt. Tristan
  11. Cpt. Tristan

    WIP: Rosindale Harbour

    BTW this isn't exactly brand-new, I just posted an update after a somewhat long absence. ~Cpt. Tristan
  12. Cpt. Tristan

    WIP: Rosindale Harbour

    Updated. As you can see, I made better barracks. Here's a pic of the backside: ~Cpt. Tristan
  13. Cpt. Tristan

    Congratulations to dreamweb

    Good to see deserving people getting staff positions! ~Cpt. Tristan
  14. Cpt. Tristan

    Merchant ship MOC

    Even though many before me have said it: Welcome to Eurobricks! As for the MOC: It really has the classic feel of an official set released by TLG. For future reference though the back is called the Stern. Also, the only problem with the cargo access is that you would have to pick up the entire mast to open it, meaning that no one could access it without the help of a crane, which would endanger the structure of the ship. Lol, sorry for the technicality, everyone else already praised it so I figured I should give some constructive criticism. Keep on MOCing! ~Cpt. Tristan
  15. Cpt. Tristan

    Fake LEGO pirates : general discussion

    AH!!!!! Its a big, fat, wingless dragon with a golden spike for a hand pouncing on a viking-pirate ship!!!!! Seriously though, its running on water! Its a Jesus dragon! (no offense to Christians, I am one myself) At least it and the island are original. ~Cpt. Tristan